How to Lead a Devotional

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at some time you might be asked to lead

a devotional whether it's in your youth

group or in a men's breakfast or a trap

a chapel service at school or a women's

Bible study and when that happens what

is a devotional what are they asking you

to do and how do you do it well we're

here to help a devotional is just a

simple teaching from a Bible passage or

a single Bible topic it's not like a

sermon where you have a whole list

and illustrations and applications and

all the rest it's much more simple than

that a devotional is simply a one truth

from the Bible that God has taught you

that you would like to teach to others

so let me give you some tips on leading

a devotional first of all keep it short

it could be about 7 to 10 minutes and if

it's any longer than that then you've

really started to preach a sermon and

that's really not what you've been asked

to do and then the second tip is to

share something from your own experience

that God has been teaching you people

like to hear what God's been doing in

your life they like it any personal and

besides if it's something that God's

been teaching you then it'll be fresh on

your mind and it'll come across fresh to

your hearers and then the third thing is

focus on just one Bible verse it's best

to keep a devotional focused on just one

Bible verse in order to keep things

clear and focused and concise and also

the next tip is to focus on just one big

idea devotionals work best when they

share one idea from one Bible verse this

isn't the time to do a whole three-point

sermon keep it short keep it memorable

and keep it on target people will

respond to that and then the next tip is

you should try to find some ways to

apply what you're teaching to your

audience so whatever that one central

idea is don't just leave it in the

abstract help people take it home and

put it to practice in their life and so

if your devotional is about prayer what

God's been teaching you through prayer

then encourage people maybe to pray once

a day in the

morning for the whole next week or if

your devotional is about gossip then you

might want to encourage people to

memorize a verse in the Bible that deals

with gossip and so find an application

for that one a key idea and then finally

you can close your devotional with a

prayer ask God to make this truth take

shape and come to life in the lives of

the people who are hearing you and so

keep it simple keep it focused on one

topic and make it practical and you'll

do a great job