How to Make the Dance Team

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hello everyone welcome to today's

episode of candy kaya

today I have professional dancer an NBA

cheerleader Kayla here and we're going

to be talking about how you can make the

dance team stay tuned solo Kayla hello

thank you so much for coming on today's

episode can you start with letting the

viewers know a little bit about yourself

sure so I'm 26 years old I was born and

raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin I spent

all my summers in LA so I claim Callie

sometimes and I attended Spelman College

and have my degree in economics and

currently now I'm freshly dancing so

Kayla can you tell us just a little bit

about your dance background sure okay so

my dance background is really extensive

I started when I was 2 years old because

some of my professional cousin dancers

they told my mom that I need to start

dancing at one so I'm trained in ballet

jazz modern hip-hop lyrical contemporary

all of that and beyond

I trained at Debbie Allen so shout out

to those downtown babies I also danced

at Milwaukee ballet so I have done cheer

and dance competitively as well as in

college I danced for the mahogany

emotion so hey all hey mahogany and now

I currently am a four-year veteran

dancer with an NBA team ok all right so

basically you were Nia from Dance Moms

got that vision

ok great all right hey Leslie just tell

us why do you love it so much

honestly you know at first people used

to think that it was something that my

parents used to make me do because it

was an activity to keep me busy but it

has really been my safe haven you know

is something that I'm extremely

passionate about it keeps me healthy

keeps me motivated I enjoy being able to

express myself with my body and be able

to communicate with so many different

people through dance so that's why I

love to halo in your opinion what

qualities make a good dancer okay so I

believe that there are two types of

dancers I believe that there are people

who train you know for a very long time

to be dancers and then there's people

where dance is just a part of who you

are so I believe anyone can be a dancer

but I believe that a great dancer is

dedicated they are determined and

they're also disciplined so in order to

be a really good dance so you have to be


because dancers are really athletes you

know a lot of people don't recognize us

as athletes but we are you know we train

10 hours a day sometimes 21 hours a day

sometimes a whole day you might have to

have practice from 9:00 in the morning

until the next day you have to be

disciplined because if you're not going

to be disciplined within you know you're

practicing then you're not going to

perform well as well as determined you

have to have that determination about it

so in order to be determine you have to

really love what you do you have to

really love performing you have to love

being passionate about your art form and

really take it seriously so I think

those three things make you a good

dancer so how important is it to have a

dance background if trying out for dance

to you well it definitely depends on

what level you are auditioning for if

you are auditioning for let's say a pro

NBA team having a strong dance

background is very important as well as

having too strong to your background you

know typically they provide what level

they would like you to be yet but

experience is not completely necessary

as I was touching on like having that

passion a lot of times if you really

have a strong passion for dance and that

you know shows through how you perform

and your personality then a lot of teams

will still take you and they will mold

you know is that's where that

determination and that dedication will

come in if you seem as though you have a

really strong work ethic people will

still take you on a team however I will

encourage you all to you know it roll

classes contact a local dance studio you

know if you're not already at a dance

studio you can always go on YouTube you

know we're socially savvy now it's

embraced into you bro they have how-to

videos on how to do the splits how to do

a pirouette

they have how-to videos on just routines

that you can learn offline as well as if

you have a friend already at a dance


you can always say hey girl you know

come over my house can you teach me that

routine you learn well but there's so

many different things that you can do to

prepare yourself if you are not

technically trained already gotcha okay

alright so Kayla get to the good stuff

what are your tips to making the high

school or competition team one thing I

will say is do your research understand

the type of team that you are

auditioning for if it is a very

competitive high school team or just a

competitive dance team in general you

definitely want to know what they are

looking for so if they are looking for

dancers who can do triples and backflips

and things of that nature and that is

not where you are

I would definitely make sure that you

you know work very hard to get to that

level that's one thing too you always

want to go into any audition prepared as

though you are already on the team you

know I always tell girls that when

they're looking to audition for NBA

dance teams now of what I'm doing and I

always say welcome my addition like you

belong on the team because if they can

see you and and visualize you on the

team already then you already you know

across one big hurdle they already can

see that you look like you belong on the

team lastly I would just say practice

practice practice make sure you are in

the mirror make sure you have a presence

about yourself make sure that you know

you are bringing your best view and

finally we have fun you know because I

think the day if you don't make a dance

team try try try again you know as a

working professional dancer I don't

every audition that I audition for you

know I don't get every gig that I go out

for but I still go home and I practice

practice practice and make sure that I

have fun at everything that I do would

you say the same tips were the same for

polish teams college teams also vary if

you're auditioning for a band dancing

you know auxilary program I would

definitely say look at the different

type of your program you are auditioning

for for example in mahogany emotion we

are not the typical you know big d1

school dance team you know so each

school has their different style of

dance so mahogany were very classy and

very like sexy style you know we're very

technically I'm technical on the field

whereas another school they might be

really big and they might get

down so if you can't get down you're not

making the team you know so I would only

say to your research as far as college

teams a lot of college teams audition

process can be their processes I should

say can be very strenuous so they also

have the physical aspect of it so make

sure you're eating healthy make sure you

are working out so that your stamina is

up to par you know so that you're not

passing out during the audition process

make sure that you know you are getting

that physical which a lot of dance teams

to require you to have also on college

make sure your academics are up to par

right amen because of your academics are

not up to par then you cannot make a

college dance team because they do

consider you student athletes and

ambassadors of the school that you are

representing so you know keep your

grades up guys all right

alright so Kayla what are your five best

tips to being the best dancer you can be

okay so my five best tips include having

a mentor you know any artists period is

gonna tell you to have a mentor whether

that's a teacher a friend a sister or

anyone who you know supports your dream

and understands how do you feel about

what you were doing which is dancing

that they can motivate you and mentor

you through that process

secondly you definitely need to be very

healthy conscious not just you know

eating right but also working out you

know dance is very grueling it can take

a toll on the body so if you're not

taking care of your body and you know by

putting correct Foods in there you know

fueling your body with good foods as

well as you know understanding how to

manage your energy um your body will

break down if you're not taking care of


thirdly replenishing your soul I read a

lot I meditate I pray I go to church I

do a lot of different things that feed

my soul because like I said dancing is

exhausting and so if you're not doing

something to just feed yourself and you

know give more to yourself while you're

giving so much output you can truly have

a breakdown you know mentally you just

won't be there and that can affect your

because we're given performance and your

day you know especially it's going to

team and you have somebody and you're

having a bad day sir place yourself she

can say something that really wasn't

offensive but you take all your anger

out on your teammate and that's not a

good teammate really um fourthly you

need a practice you know your craft is

who you are so if you're gonna take your

craft seriously if dance is what you

want to do then you really need to

practice practice practice go to class

you know work with other people always

be a student you know is always good to

have that student mentality

and this for the fifth one I would say

work on your brand you know every dancer

needs to have a brand I believe that in

this industry alone it's good to just

know who you are and who you want to

represent and we want to be because it

makes it easy for people to identify

with you you know for me just outside

wives and other appearance people know

me as you know the girl with blind big

hair you know that's who I am you know

my mom told me something really

interesting today she said you know you

could never change your hair Kayla

because people won't even know who you

are anymore but just even how you are if

you're a bubbly person show that you

know through your dancing if you're

sassy show that through your dancing

because then you're being true to

yourself so those are the five things I

believe you need all right perfect

okay so what are your three best tips to

making the dance team three best tips

know who you are auditioning for Julia

research research is important because

if you don't do your research you won't

be prepared you know so poor preparation

equates to poor performance and you

don't want to do that right always have

fun you know if you're not having fun

then there's no purpose in doing it I

love dancing I'm passionate about

dancing so I'm always having fun when

I'm dancing lastly have confidence go in

there like you own it even if you can't

do that split do that split and act like

you did the best thing ever in life yeah

like if like if nakiya decided she wants

to audition for MV a dance team I would

tell her those three things and she

would go in there and own it so those

are the things you need to have all

right perfect

okay Kayla so I do have a question so

for those who really enjoy dance and

they want to be involved in dance maybe

they don't have the finances or aren't

able to do all the awesome dance classes

and learn all the fancy technique as

some other students what advice would

you give them well I would definitely

say keep trying you know there's a lot

of self-talk

out there you know a lot of people on So

You Think You Can Dance are self-taught

dancers and they just go out there and

they go for it you know if you thought

though dance is on your heart and that's

what you were destined to do then you

will make away and you will find a way

so Kayla what's your best piece of

advice for those who are about to try

out for bestie

okay so like I asked me so many

questions today about did giving you all

different tips so make sure you hold on

to those but most importantly make sure

you bring your positive attitude you

know and a fire personality you know

make all of that pop out at your

audition so that people can you know

truly see you are and so you can have a

lot of fun and meet a lot of different

people you know if you're bringing a

positive attitude no matter the outcome

no matter what's gonna happen you will

automatically do your best we know

because you're bringing your best self

so bring your best self

perfect alright everyone so we just

heard from Kayla Kayla question and it's

a finish my sentence question when I

dance I feel when I dance I feel

empowered so thank you everyone so much

for tuning in if you have any questions

or comments for Kayla or myself just

leave them below we'll make sure that

they get answered so Kayla told me not

to say good luck with you trying off

with the advance team but break a leg

alright so great that like y'all and

keep us posted on your success we'll see

you again next time