How to Get HORSE WINGS in Minecraft TUTORIAL! (Pocket Edition, Xbox, PC)

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hey what's up guys ey stream back in

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I am gonna be showing you how you can

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always been able to fly but today we are

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started today's video now you leave one

wondering okay a westrom you're in a

village I didn't see any horses how are

you gonna get horses to fly if you don't

have the horses in the first place that

is good question you see you know we

always gotta head to the library the

library they have books and you know

that smart people are in the library so

mr. villager mr. librarian okay you

don't do you not want to talk to me

chica I need to talk to you master

librarian where are the horses

hello mister Ella he's staring at me

guys you see he was staring at me wait

wait wait wait we just hear him he's

he's he's running away guys I think he

knows where the horses up he knows all

the where the horses

tell me where are you giving them

hostage with the villager

guys I think he's keeping the horses

hostage and he's not telling me where

he's keeping them hostage we have to

find them we have to find them okay

they've got to be somewhere around to

you guys there's got to be somewhere

around there there's a horse doors I

found all those guys check it out oh

that was that was really quick it turns

out that the villager wasn't keeping the

horses hostage he's just he just doesn't

like to talk maybe he's a little bit

camera shy guys oh no no no shame on him

guys but as you can see we got a ton of

horses here and you probably thinking

all right this is really cool we got all

these great horses they're great now are

you gonna show us how they fly and I'm

gonna guess I will show you how they

fight be patient guys watch to the end

of the video and you will find out just

hold up hold up we need a little bit of

background guys first stop you know

horses they're pretty awesome go go

ahead and grab a saddle here we go ahead

we'll grab some look at some diamond

horse I'm not gonna go the top now you

see normally guys when you jump on a

horse first off you need to tame them so

we're gonna try and take mr. horsey over

here you would kick me off mr. Hawley

I'm just try to I just want to make you

fly is it too much to ask missile up and

he kicked me off again guys I'm a please

miss or so you wanna you wanna you wanna

you wanna lay up hey I got the love odds

guys love is in the air tonight I got

mr. horses so guys once you get a horse

normally guys you go ahead you can track

a saddle on him and you can you know you

can ride him around it is a great way to

travel around your Minecraft well the

only problem is is that you're stuck to

the ground you can't explore the skies

and it's kind of slow because sometimes

you hit a mountain and it's like well I

wish I could fly over this but horses

can't fly but today guys I'm gonna be

showing you how you can teaching your

horse to fly so we're gonna go ahead

took him the diamond armor you can see

we got mr. horse here he is looking

absolutely insane

now the thing is is this guy here this

horse can't actually fly it's true if

he's can't fly I'm sorry guys this is a

clickbait video they can't fly just

kidding guys it's true this ones cannot

fly yes I'm not I'm not kidding about

that this horse can't fly but some

horses can't fly it's important you guys

find the correct type of horse that can

fly now you see we got all these

different OSes we go like once polka

dots we've got these guys we also have

these horses there are tons of different

types of horses in the Minecraft world

but there's a very particular horse you

need to look for so hopefully there's

one around here otherwise will we have

to spawn money and nope not this one

there's a white also over here No

you're looking for a very particular

horse guys it's brown with like White's

plugs up I found it I found one I found

one this one right here guys so this is

a super super special type of horse this

is the only horse in Minecraft that is

able to fly now if you aren't able to

find these horses in your Minecraft well

you go ahead and hit the download link

in the description below guys um so you

can go ahead and get these horses in

your very own Minecraft but you should

have them in your world and as you can

see they're brown they have these white

sponges and they have these beautiful

blue eyes they're just as blue as the

sky so pretty so beautiful so lovely

guys and as you can see if we go ahead

and jump on him now whoa he's fast he is

really really fast guys we gonna try and

tame him all right let's jump on him

again come on

giddyup horsey we're gonna tame you hey

we got the Hat somewhere where you know

things and you notice guys when we look

in here it says a flyable horse so yeah

guys if you do fight one of these horses

it will say fireball horse if it doesn't

it's not actually a flyable horse you

need to look for this very particular

type of horse now once you guys have a

flyable force' just like this

you go ahead and put a saddle on it and

tada you can write it just like a normal

horse yep check it out guys look at this

I'm riding the horse just like a normal

horse it can jump and everything and you

probably thinking you eyestrain wait a

minute it was this clickbait away stream

can you actually not fly the horse and

guys you just you guys I can't believe

you don't trust me guys I can't believe

you don't trust me yes guys at the

moment the horse cannot only run around

so you can see you can use this horse

just like a normal horse which is really

really great he's really really fast as

well guys wow we're moving really really

quickly so if you do want to travel

around at the world on your horse

without it flying around you go ahead

and travel around just like you would a

normal horse with a saddle but if you

want to go ahead and get him to fly

you're going to need to first off we're

going to need to time up so I'm we put

this fence post I did earlier guys so

we're gonna go ahead and grab a lead

real quick here bang

alright lead there we go we're gonna go

ahead grab our grab our horse right here

now before we take up flying we've got

to give them a name because it's

important guys that when you take a

horse flag that you make a bond with

them you need to you know you need to

get to know them you need to form that

personal connection with them because

otherwise they're not gonna fly smoothly

for you guys so what we're gonna do is

go ahead and grab an anvil real quick

you guys alright we'll go ahead and grab

an anvil and you're going to need of

course a name

tag so we go ahead put the animal down

open it up now guys the question is what

do we name our horse I mean he's about

to fly he's pretty quick oh I know what

we're gonna call him guys we're gonna

call him a jet like the jet plane guys

cuz he's fast and he is gonna fly so

we're gonna go ahead and grab that we'll

go ahead and name him jet check it out

guys jet the horse how you doing today

man you ready to hit the skies you ready

to fly

all right mr. horse is that an answer

okay I can't he's not saying anything to

me I'm just gonna take that as a yes mr.

horse thank you very much I hope I hope

you're ready to fly it's getting it's

getting that time so we can't we can't

fly in the night because that's

dangerous we'll switch back today but

anyway mr. horse I hope you're ready to

fly so what you guys want to do next is

go ahead unleash him from whatever post

guys then you're going to go ahead and

grab the alight rope wings now if you

don't know how to get a larger wings

actually just while I explain this I'm

gonna put jet back up here if you don't

know how to get a lighter wings

basically guys you got a big go to the

end be the Enderdragon and then you have

to go ahead and go to an end city and

find one of these inside the room so

they're pretty hard to get a larger

wings so if you aren't able to get them

obviously in survival you can always

just jump into creative guys and grab

your own set and basically with the

larger wings they allow you to fly so we

go ahead and get up really high here let

me go ahead and bag check it out guys

you can fly using the Alijah wings

they're probably my favorite item in my

craft of all time I absolutely love

elantra wings in the cone so that you

can fly around with them they're really

really cool guys and I was thinking it

wouldn't be cool if you could put a

lighter wings on horses you know what's

special about these flyable horses guys

is you can actually put a larger wings

on these horses so we go ahead jump on

jet we'll go ahead we need to get rid of

the later there we go if we go ahead and

we need to take the Elektra wings off

that back I forgot they were still on

her back if we go ahead and chuck the

Alijah wings on a horse check it out

guys our horse now has wings isn't that

pretty cool mr. Chettiar jet the horse

now has his own very own set of wings

how awesome is that I don't know you

guys that's pretty cool and now guys

it's the moment of truth we are going to

take our horse for a test fly we're

gonna hit the skies we're gonna enter

into the skies guys we're gonna go

flying guys so you ready guys all right

so first off the guys are gonna make

sure everywhere is clear guys we're

gonna stop flying in that direction so

first off connect your job

this is towel control over I'll be ready

to jizz the runway clamp are you there

guys it turns out I'm crazy and I don't

I don't have an air support crew but

guys we're gonna go ahead get ready

we're gonna get a little bit of a run up

here guys this is the moment of truth

jet the horse are you ready to fly I

think he says yes ready guys in three

two one

check it out guys we have a fly horse in

Minecraft I believe I can fly I believe

horses can touch the sky I don't know

man you guys will check it out we got a

signpost and with buying random

minecraft work web science I'm flying

and my craft world Oh anyway guys it's

pretty cool as you guys can see I

finally showed jet she is doing an

amazing job of flying through the skies

with these Alijah wings guys and I'm not

really sure what the animation is you

guys could see the wings just like

pooping it's pretty funny I actually

think the the wing animation where the

flying animation is really funny but as

you guys can see jet is flying around

and you guys can go ahead and now you

were able to fly horses any way you like

in your microphone I don't know about

you guys but that's pretty awesome I

actually want to get one of my friends

on guys I'll get some of you guys on and

try and race you on these flying horses

cuz this is very pretty cool you can

build all these cool obstacle courses

there's tons of options for you guys

here but yeah now you have flying horses

I don't know that it's pretty awesome

guys I didn't even need to know whether

you guys think it's awesome or not I

think it's awesome as you can see Jetta

is still floating in the sky now if you

want him to stop fun you guys gonna go

ahead and take off the Elantra and LEM

you go ahead and landed he becomes a

normal horse at once again guys I think

it's really really cool the ability that

you're able to go ahead switch them into

a normal horse and then if you want them

to fly again we go ahead truck the

Elantra on and back check it out guys

we're flying back in the sky once again

we got our flying horse mr. Jesse yeah

doing an amazing job with his wings see

ya guys I hope you have enjoyed today's

video learning how to get your horse to

fly because look look at my beautiful

horse he's flying now it is important

guys that you do get these particular

types of flying horses if you don't have

these in your micro motor if you're out

aren't able to find any you can go ahead

and hit the link in the description

below guys to download these horses or

if you aren't able to

any sporting naturally in your Minecraft

world you can go ahead and in your

creative inventory search up flyable

horse and as you can see here we've got

a spawn of flyable horse and voila guys

we've got all these inflatable horses

guys look at this we have a baby or

flyer the laws even as you can see they

all have these same patterns with the

white sponges and the brown codes but

yeah guys these horses are pretty cool

they're really rare type of breed so

once again if you want able to find them

hit the link in the description below to

get them in your very own microphone cuz

they do only appear in some worlds but I

hope you guys have enjoyed today's video

if you haven't make sure to drop a like

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swear jet was at yep jets in the sky

just over here guys

make sure to trouble like for jet as

well cuz he's done an amazing job in

today's video and I will see you in the

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