Minecraft: How To Get All Animals To Follow You

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hey what's going guys it's Erlich and

today I'm gonna be showing you how to

make every type of animal follow you so

basically for chickens you pop out the

seeds her and you can see if I let them

out in the cages they all won't be

following me we have a chicken nice wing

so I I'm not how far away okay so

distance is uh well maybe

oh they're bugging out now there you go

I see can I have to like shoved into

face Yoko whoa there you go oh this guy

this guy's come on what are you

doing anyway that's what you do

sorry for the lightning I don't know

that's about villagers I don't mind them

kitty cats well obviously you're just

right click I'm gonna follow you

once you take mom that is what are you

doing come on what the baby catch

following me so there you go

oh he should Kiwi so same with you but

he's so cute

also guys halfway through the video

probably around there maybe a little

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anyway back to some mushrooms pop out we

tie here and they will follow me then -

so I'd say the distance is about like 10

blocks once they start bugging out

now once you come back they've just like

yeah they really get messed up after

that that's weird I don't even know it's

doing that for every type of animal so I

don't even know back to some irregular

cows pop this open and there we follow

me with this - that guy was like

sidestepping oh now we got to her army

of cows

alright and this cheap also like wheat

so let them out come on sheep what are

you doing sheep come on

sheep look Bakshi

oh now I got your attention there we go

army of sheep and cows look at them so


it's a nice color affection rainbow oh I

missed it affection and carrots for the

cows I mean for the piggies damn your

head is anjaan being taken I don't like

you oh he's still kind of following me I

was kind of cool also if you get a

saddle and you have a stick on a carrot

they'll also you know follow with that

so that's how you get all types of

animals to follow you I mean you can

kind of know you can't really different

differing differentiate going back and

forth like that to get all them to

follow you so you really got to go on

your own journey to get each type of

animal by itself unless you're doing

sheeps and cows then you can do that but

besides that yeah you pretty much got to

do with all of them solo so I hope you

enjoyed the video like I said and click

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next time see you guys later