How (Not) To: Lead a Small Group

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hi my name's Erin and I've led dozens

tens at least a handful of small groups

and almost everybody who was in those

small groups are still believers I think

so I wanted to give you my top 5 ways to

lead a small group step one be

unprepared go into it totally unprepared

I mean it's a small group small like

small potatoes small fry no big deal

leave the preparation of the theologians

and pastors that's why they make the big

bucks I like to take a passage of

Scripture and your people I mean you

have everything you need right there and

then you know maybe cross-reference some

verses with genealogies internet up kill

a bunch of time step to never do

anything outside of group time don't get

sucked into this vortex of leanings of

build rapport or something like that you

don't need to know these people's

private lives that's why it's called a

private life and as far as they're

concerned you don't exist outside of the

group you're a ghost step 3

be structured as a leader never never

never let your group get off track off

schedule off topic

if the group starts at 6:30 be wrapping

up your opening prayer by 6:30 - amen

this is going to happen trust me I've

had to shut it down more times than I

can count

somebody's gonna come in with some

off-topic thing like their mom's in the

hospital or some tragic accident do not

take the bait I repeat do not take the

bait if you take the bait you are a

guppy and we all know it happens to

Guppies they get put in a tank fed dried

fish food for their entire lives until

one day we find them belly-up and then

get flushed do you want to get flushed

don't take the bait don't get off

schedule don't be a guppy step 4

be afraid of silence we've all heard the

phrase silence is deadly that's right

you'll make people uncomfortable just

listen well nobody wants that you don't

want to make people uncomfortable with

silence your curriculum will probably

have questions in it read them memorize

your answers know them be ready try this

anybody have anything else to add nope

great let's move on step 5 be a

know-it-all your small group members are

like sheep you need to feed them do they

have five Bible apps on their phone like

you do do they have an online

certificate from a Bible course no they

can't just be talking about scriptures

and worldview willy-nilly on their own

they need a leader who knows it feed

them like a buffet of Bible knowledge

with the steam pouring off the mashed

potatoes that's a good leader