How to Perform a Coffee Cupping Session

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hello roasty audience i'm Mayenne from

reilly coffee and today we're going to

be cupping a couple of different coffees

from the Marley coffee line yeah so I

guess the process is just going to be

we're going to grind these to a medium

coarse grind we're going to smell the

coffee and do our first kind of analysis

just based on aroma the second step to

cupping is then bringing your water to

the correct temperature that can be

anywhere from 199 to 205 degrees and

then you slowly pour the coffee over the

grounds and then you do a second

analysis of aroma so once we get a

couple seconds to smell how the coffee

changes when hot water has been poured

over it we're going to take these two

little spoons and kind of push the

grounds away from us then once you kind

of push the grounds away that's going to

give us another opportunity to analyze

the aroma coming off of the coffee but

then for the tasting analysis portion of

the cupping you're going to want to

scoop the majority of this crust that's

warmed on the top off into a separate

Bowl and so that'll allow you when you

go back and kind of cup you can just dip

your spoon and slurp away so then after

we do that we'll dip a little bit of our

spoon into the coffee and then we get to

do the super fun part which is taste the

coffee and then we'll do an analysis

based on the flavor profile that we get

when we swish the coffee around our top

I kind of like to when I'm tasting

coffees blind guess where the coffee is

coming from what level of roast the

roaster decided to apply to that try to

detect any impurities in the flavor and

then also just note what I really like

about them it's always good to to

continually taste the same coffee over

and over again just to see if you notice

different things over the course of

tasting over a period of time I know

some guys who sound like an eagle when

they're posting there's like it's like

the loudest most amazing noise ever

thanks a lot for doing this cupping

protocol with us thanks to roasty coffee

comm for coming to visit us at Raleigh

coffee today if you need any more

information about any of our coffees

it's available at Marley Coffee com all

right thanks guys any tasting notes no

ha ha ha palate in history feel it's the

same to me why is that ha ha ha am I

already fatigued you might already be