Tips on being a Youth Leader

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hi Anne thank you for joining us on

another episode here at stain Kingdom

minded so today's video we're going to

talk about tips for being a Christian

youth leader so whether you've been a

youth leader in your community or your

church for a month a year 10 years what

have you the amount of time doesn't

matter we believe that these tips will

greatly benefit your ministry tip number

one always go into this endeavor

thinking to yourself and knowing in your

heart not my will but thy will be done

and I will probably beat that scripture

to death on this channel as well as my

husband I'm quite certain because that

is how we live our lives daily so it

does not matter what your purpose is

what matters is the purpose for the

kingdom and God's will so keeping that

always in the forefront of your brain

tip number 2 do not become a leader for

any of the following reasons it would be

really cool to be a youth leader like I

totally want that title no wrong power

with title comes power no any selfish

gain that you have if when you think

about being a youth leader your head

begins to swell and you become boastful

or arrogant or you have any type of

selfish gain I would strongly recommend

that not being a ministry of yours if

money I don't know if the position in

your particular church is a paid

position but money or fame if that's a

reason why you're thinking about joining

it to gain in those areas I would say no

those are not reasons those are all

wrong reasons to go into youth ministry

the third tip I have is to pray for your

youth to seek God on their behalf each

one of them call them out by name take

their name to the Lord that's very very

important that you are seeking

God on their behalf and filling in the

gap for them some of them are coming

from Christian households where the

families are doing that for them as well

but some of them are not and so it is

your responsibility as their leader to

be standing and bridging in the gap for

these youth members in your church in

your community number four build genuine

relationships with the youth that you're

in charge of show interest in them and

support them if they invite you to a

ball game and you can attend make sure

you make that a priority if your time

allows for that they need to know that

you are in their corner that you are

there to support them that you love them

that you're praying for them they need

to know that their youth leader backs

them up number five live out being a

Christian in front of them don't just

talk the talk but walk the walk they

need to see someone living a good

christ-like example for them and that

person if it is not their parents in

addition to their parents should it be

their youth leader their pastor in their

church you are their spiritual go-to

people so you need to walk the walk

number six We strongly recommend staying

submitted to the pastoral ship in your

church everyone needs to be submitted to

the authority that is placed in their

life in every level that is Bible number

seven stay close to God keep up when

you're fasting keep up when you're

praying and keep up on reading the

scripture those things are so important

I remember when we took over in this

position at our church we were told this

sounds kind of funny but we were told

different levels different Devils and of

course there's only one Satan of course

there's only one God we know those

things but the enemy will attack you

like never before once you step into a

position where teens and youth are

looking to you for answers they're

looking to you to be an example for them

so expect that you need to stay prayed

up read up and fast it up and ready to

fight those spiritual battles that

we'll come your way number eight keep

the kids engaged interested and excited

about not only coming to church coming

to youth ministry but to serve God

serving God is exciting it's fun and

it's rewarding let's just face it the

retirement plan is out of this world

and number nine communication is key

with kids and parents in any ministry

especially when you're dealing with

someone else's children it is crucial

that you communicate communicate

communicate if you're taking the kids

for an activity if you're taking them

outside of the church building they need

to know where they're going when they're

leaving when they're returning need to

have contact information for you

whatever the case may be make sure that

you are communicating put yourself in

their shoes and imagine what kind of

information what I want from my child's

youth leader and make sure you're

providing that to the parents that tip

is very important and number ten number

ten put Christ first that should go

without saying but never allow never

allow fun and excitement to overrule the

main point put the first thing first

have Christ as the foundation of your

youth group in your church let's face it

it's really his youth group and it's

really his church put him first

make him your foundation on the solid

rock that will never fade away and

you'll have the best youth ministry in

your city thank you so much for joining

in for another video on staying Kingdom

minded looking forward to making another

video for you

have a blessed day