How To Build A Strong Youth Ministry - Andy Gabruch

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what's up everybody jeff moors think

international I'm here with Andy

Galbraith from next generation

ministries in Canada how you doing man

I'm doing well how about you Jeff

incredible incredible glad to be here

with you guys at elevate conference the

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resources now one of the things that um

that you get to do as I guess the

director of next generation ministries

is you really get to meet with a lot of

youth pastors chat with them see what's

going on what is happening with youth

ministries in Canada right now yeah so

in BC in the Yukon I oversee 205

churches 110 youth pastors about 600

liters and so the pulse on youth

ministry in Canada is to simply meet

needs where kids are at where they're at

and so the whole Christianese thing

doesn't really work in Canada as much as

it used to but to meet people's needs

where there is a long way so some ways

that we try to do that is try to meet

practical needs on campus try to be

where kids are at when it's with their

families or where they're at in their

relationships or where they're at in

purpose that's one thing that we really

want to share and someone that's always

taught me is you want to give kids a

better yes before they say no to

something and so the gospel is a great

yes so we just want to practically bring

the gospel out in fun practical ways in

in in recent years actually I guess

you'd say in past years in order to

define a successful youth ministry for a

long time it was numbers it was how big

was your youth ministry what's going on

and that really isn't the case so much

anymore so what would you say is a

successful youth ministry in Canada what

does it look like or you guy just even

say globally what do you think it looks

like yeah that's a great question Jeff

to be honest with you I think it's

building disciples disciples building

and making more disciples and so do they

love Jesus do they read their Bible are

they praying are they baptized

are they spirit filled are they willing

to go to their schools and campuses to

reach out to their friends who know

Jesus and if we look through the New

Testament church

the gospel wasn't really proclaimed

through programs or through

organizations it was through people

that's true and people are one of the

greatest I think God's greatest plan to

bring the gospel to people who don't

know Jesus and so a successful youth

ministry would be people that are making

disciples so that's creating

opportunities for them to encounter God

that's giving them practical resources

and discipleship avenues to live out

their faith in real daily life not just

on a program on a Tuesday night or

eating pizza on a Friday night and it's

also serving like serving in your campus

or serving in a local church or

throughout the world through short term

missions tends to be some of the pulses

that we see here in Canada but that's

probably one of the biggest things that

we're trying to do is make disciples

yeah and to assess that well that's so

good that's so good right now being

connected to so many youth pastors what

would you say are some of the the

biggest needs for youth pastors right

now in general yeah another great

question man I think that youth pastors

really just want to make sure that

they're doing life together like and I

think that's been on my heart is the

Philippians chapter 1 verse 5 it says

partnership of the gospel and Paul is

saying this to be thankful for a great

church called Philippi and that word

partnership means Koinonia means

fellowship it means doing life together

so actually Paul is saying hey we're

called to do mission as a family and so

I think some of the things that youth

pastors need the most is just simple

relationship to someone care for me is

someone encouraging me is someone mentor

me is someone asking those tough

questions that I need to hear but in a

safe place that we're able to grow I

also think that youth pastors especially

in our context is we have a lot of

bi-vocational or a lot of lay leaders

that work and so they're crying out for

great resources and not just resources

let's say hey go to the DA blah blah

calm is and everything's there for you

it's actually contextualized resources

so it's kind of interesting because that

only happens through a relationship so

if someone's like oh I want to get on my

campus for example I don't know how to

do that we would go in and say hey

here's some practical ways or 20 ways of

how to get in the campus if

someone's asking like hey we want to

start a program where we want it to be

the best place in our city on a Tuesday

night here at the local church how do we

do that and so we would work with them

to assess what that would look like but

really what we try to offer is just

opportunities for people to build

relationship and that we would at the

same time allow them to be challenged

and encouraged and empowered through

relationships and through networks that

really stems through the resources so I

know that's a simple answer but really

the pulse of youth pastors whether it's

full-time part-time or by vocational or

whether it's lay leader is is simply

through relationship and everything kind

of flows out of that so if I can say one

thing great ministry flows out of great

relationship that's good because a lot

of times in youth ministry youth pastors

and just pastors in general they kind of

get siloed and into their own thing and

they can really glean so much from each

other now you guys do a conference here

in Canada for youth and young adults

called history-maker can you tell me a

little bit about that what's coming up

what's going to what's going to be

happening yeah so history maker is an

annual conference that we do and it's

simply an opportunity for teens and

students and leaders alike to encounter

God so that they be encouraged powered

equipped to reach their friends for

Christ and so that's really the whole

pulse behind history maker this year

we're expecting 2,000 students to come

and each ticket that they buy is very

mission focused and so five dollars of

each ticket goes to start a new youth

ministry in our province we want to

raise $40,000 to have a campus pastor in

every school we wanted to start that

program we want to try to resource

people that don't have resources and

just say hey if you have a dream or you

you want to do something in your local

context we want to get behind you and to

try to raise money and awareness to get

there as well

and we want to partner with giving teens

and an opportunity to serve and so

whether it's short-term missions around

our province or around Canada or the

world or whether it's simply to go to

give some money to a local organization

or somewhere else to just be Jesus

that's kind of what we kind of want to

do through history make

is catalytic it's a launching pad for

teens to be who God's called them to be

and to resource that vision to reach the

1.2 million people have represent our

province there is the next generation in

the next 10 years and so this is our

first year so appreciate your prayers

Jeff of course you got so how can people

get connected to history maker

conference how can they go where's the

information history maker CA is totally

cool so everything there is great and

has all the details on the venue on a

roster our mission our vision how to get

involved as a volunteer is our student

the resources that we give outside and

we want to let people know too that

history-makers more than a conference

it's a life long journey to be being the

person that God's called you to be and

how can people get connected with next

generation ministries yeah so we just

flow through everything called it

next-gen BC CA and so everything is

there and it's all for resourcing

mentoring of leadership podcast

leadership stuff that's contextualized

to the Canadian culture that we live in

and if people feel like they have a call

of God in their life and they're getting

whispers from God then we want to simply

resource that and plan into flame the

call of God in their life as leaders and

if they want to connect to you you got a

Twitter Instagram email something yeah

yeah that's all it just Google me man no

no it's basically it's Andy underscore

Gaborik for Twitter a Gaborik at a BCP a

cor G for email and everything is there

Andy Gavin CA for a website so yeah

that's great stuff if people want to

hang out and connect over sushi or wings

awesome awesome Andy thanks so much

appreciate it there you go next

generation ministries elevate conference

think international we're out so thanks

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