Spiritual Direction: How to open a service with scripture

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hey this is Brian with horse tutorial

calm this is another video in our

spiritual direction series in this video

I thought it would be cool to talk about

how we open a service so first of all in

the comments below let me know how do

you typically open a worship service

what we usually do is just invite

welcome people invite them to stand

invite them to sing sort of a call to

worship but we try and do it in a way

that that is personable and not exactly

the same every time so you don't want to

say exactly the same things every time

but we kind of have a formula it's just

you know a very common thing I would say

when the countdown hits zero and the

song starts is hey welcome to New Hope

Church we're so glad that you're here

we're going to sing some songs and

worship together why don't you stand to

your feet and let's sing that's

something that I would typically say on

any given Sunday a few weeks ago we did

something a little different that I

really enjoyed and we open to the

service by reading a passage of

Scripture I would encourage you to think

about that doing something like that

from time to time just to change things

up a little bit

first impressions are so important in

our culture in our society and so I

think we can think about that from from

how we start a service perspective so

this is the passage of Scripture that we

read it was Psalm 150 read the whole

chapter which I kind of said we're going

to read an entire chapter together it's

not very long so this is how it goes

this is New Living Translation Psalm 150

praise the Lord praise God in His

sanctuary praise Him in his mighty

heaven praise him for his mighty works

praise him for his unequaled greatness

praise him with a blast of the ram's

horn praise him with a praise him with

the lyre and harp praise him with the

tambourine and dancing praise him with

strings and flutes praise him with a

clash of cymbals praise him with loud

clanging cymbals that's a good one to

remember let everything that breathes

sing praises to the Lord praise the Lord

and I went on to talk about this is why

we we sing we don't sing because you

know it's like tradition you come to

church and sing three songs and then

have announcements and then

and then a response song you know that's

not why we sing we sing because the

Bible commands us to do it I actually

have footage of how I sort of worked

that moment not that I worked it I just

read the passage and said a few words

but I'll let you see that here in just a

little bit but when we do something like

this when we open the service by reading

a passage of Scripture and briefly

talking about it it gives us an

opportunity to let people interact with

us as a person rather than you know like

a person who plays guitar you know a guy

who plays guitar and sang a musician so

and I think that it's always important

whenever we have moments in our service

one to to play in moments where we speak

to people as worship leaders and to to

capitalize on them as much as possible

so I I've said in these videos before I

really think it's important to write

down what you're going to say script it

but deliver it in a way that's natural

that feels like very conversational just

like you know we're sitting here next to

one another having a conversation and I

like to try and and hopefully it feels

that way when I speak to people in a

worship service whether there are 50

people in the room or you know 2,000

people in the room what I really like is

when worship leaders and pastors

communicate to me on a level that feels

personal feels like a conversation so

what I have done if you go to worse

tutorials comm I've written it out for

you I've scripted it for you if you want

to steal this idea

you can certainly tweak it and change it

to make it your own to make it fit your

personality your speaking style but I

wrote the passage out and I wrote out

sort of what you could say and if you

use something like Planning Center like

we do at our church I would encourage

you to one write it in we're going to

open with the passage of Scripture we're

going to read Psalm 150 or whatever you

would choose that would set up what

you're going to do next and then write

out what it is you're going to say and I

think that that really will we'll God

will honor that level of preparation so

here's the clip of me doing this in a an

actual real worship service check it out

try and read

praise him with strings and sweet

praising my classes praise him but

everything that breathes sing praises to

the Lord praise the Lord

I'll be appropriate for us to stop a bit

pastor debuted and it has some a wide


not just something that we do in church

Bill Stewart we've always done we do it

because that's what the Bible tells us

they're supposed to do you don't have a

ram's horn please bring it next week but

we're going to play the instruments that

we have we're going to sing and use our

voice to train in there that's possible

being a free spirit because we serve God

crossdress who goes again for the people

but seeing the first law essentially

comes valid abuse all I don't know if

we've done a careful course a whole

thing we're singing because the reason

it happened scene this scene again hit

the link below to go to worship

tutorials calm where you can see sort of

the transcript written out version of

this spiritual direction please

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