How To Lead An Opening Prayer in a Church Meeting

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hi today we're going to be looking at

opening a meeting in prayer so if you've

been asked to open a meeting and you

feel a little bit nervous about that or

you're not quite sure how to go about

that then today will be giving you three

tips which will help with that task


the first thing to say is that opening a

meeting in prayer is more about who you

are than what you say God is constant he

is ever present he is always with us and

in any occasion we are the shifting

moving entity it's very very important

to be present when you open a meeting

it's so easy to be slightly ahead of

ourselves thinking about agendas and

outcomes it's very very easy also to be

behind ourselves thinking of past

situations where we maybe thought we

hadn't opened the meeting very well or

other things that are going on in our

lives so the first thing is to be

present try to take a moment to talk to

beginning of opening a meeting in prayer

look around you breathe be in that

moment the second thing is to prepare if

you have the time that can be something

as simple as bringing something with you

anything which is visual which gives

people a new idea a refreshing take is

always helpful when you open a meeting

in prayer no matter what that meeting is

why you've gathered together so for an

example something as simple as a glass

of water this makes me feel about

working in the fullness of God's

presence into a meeting it makes me

think of coming thirsty for God to move

and to be be with us and help us as we

work things through and it also speaks

of God's refreshment so something as

simple as a glass of water or another

object can actually be really good an

image to leave people with and they

might continue coming back to that in

their minds as the meeting goes on

another thing that you can try is

bringing an image this is one that I

printed out and used on

and where I wanted us to be more

courageous than the meeting there are

many good resources online which you can

use if you want to find images and that

can be a lovely way of doing that

of course god sometimes gives us ideas

or pictures and so you might have been

praying about the meeting before you

came to it and God may have given you a

picture which is a lovely thing to do to

describe that of course Scripture is an

amazing thing to bring at the beginning

of a meeting ask God ask him to lead you

to the right scriptures to read out and

remember to take your time over that so

that people have time to think about it

and meditate over it don't rush

lastly might be that you can find some

resources on our own site or another

site which have prayers which you can

then read out and if it's the meeting

which you feel quite responsible for and

quite nervous about that you're leading

through it's always quite a good idea to

ask somebody else to read that prayer

poem through for you so that you've got

the time to rest and reflect at the

start of the meeting the third thing is

the importance of coming with the right

attitudes they're actually having an

attitude of humility having an attitude

of openness is so important at the start

of a meeting you are the cotton the sort

of common denominator you are what

brings it to the place that it would be

in so it's very important for our hearts

to be in the right place at the

beginning of a meeting a good practice

is to spend five four or five minutes by

you're by yourself before opening a

meeting just allowing the Holy Spirit to

move in your hearts to confess any

insecurities that you have to confess

any worries or fears you have about the

outcome of that meeting and also just to

see whether you have any kind of ongoing

or left--oh

resentments from things before something

someone said to you confess those all to

God before you begin to lead a meeting

in prayer and whatever you come with

what you open releasing him with what

your heart is is how everybody else will

then come on board and respond during

that time that you have in summary if

you're opening a meeting in prayer there

are three tips the first one is to be

present allow the Holy Spirit to steal

your hearts breathe look around you at

the beginning of a meeting secondly is

prepare bringing something that will

inspire people that will help to focus

people at the beginning of the meeting

is always helpful and the third thing is

a hard thing be humble make sure that

you've spent time with God and you've

worked through any previous worries

resentments insecurities the last thing

maybe to throw in is that you were

unique and how the Holy Spirit will work

through you and bless a meeting as you

open it in prayer would be individual so

relax and just let God use you if you're

finding some of these little prayer

films helpful and you want to see more

resources and more films and do

subscribe to pres gates we would love to

hear from you

but until then may God hold you in the

palm of his hand