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what's up everybody Jeff Moore's here

with think international helping leaders

and creatives go further faster with

greater impact in today's video I'm

gonna be giving you three things that

every millennial wants from your church

so check it out so the past 18 years the

main demographic that I've been working

with is Millennials now for those of you

who don't know what a millennial is it's

those that are born in the early 80s to

about the mid to late 90s and it's no

secret that for the past decade

Millennials have been exiting the church

in droves it's estimated that between 50

and some even say as high as 70% of

Millennials that after they graduate

high school have left the church

now there's another statistic that says

that 50% of those that left actually end

up coming back years later now let me

tell you why it's so important that you

have these three things in order to keep

attracting Millennials either - or back

to your church now let me also preface

this not all Millennials are the same

but these three things will definitely

have a major impact so here they are and

then I'll break them down they want the

resources of a big church the feel of a

small church and the convenience of

Amazon and this is what I mean they want

the resources of a big church now what I

mean by that is they want a great kids

ministry they want quality programming

and they want a good intentional

atmosphere now the reason why kids

ministry is so important is so many the

Millennials are coming back to church

because they're having kids and they

want their kids to be raised in church

so Church it's important that you make

sure that your kids ministry is

top-notch that you're programming

meaning your music is excellent your

teaching is excellent and the community

that you're building in your church is

excellent because the Millennials have

been raised with excellence everywhere

and secondly they want the feel of a

small church because Millennials are

highly relational they want to know

people and be known by people when they

show up to a faith community they don't

want to feel like they're

Anonymous in a giant auditorium they

want to feel like they are part of a

community that is doing something and

headed somewhere

that's why Church it's so important that

you make sure to create environments

that are much smaller the days of giant

auditoriums I believe are leaving us

what am i one of my mentors says this

the leaders like big but people like it

small meaning is a leader of course we

want to preach to thousands and we want

auditoriums filled filled but people

don't want to feel like one of many

numbers they want to feel valued and

that's a high importance of Millennials

even if you look at the way society is

headed right now and where Millennials

are actually shopping at most it's gone

from big-box stores now down to small

boutiques why because you can know

people in smaller spaces and thirdly

they want the convenience of Amazon

now this isn't honestly just a

millennial thing this is actually where

our world is headed think about it when

you want something all you got to do is

hop on your computer click a button and

it will be there in one to two days or

if you live in certain cities or hours

it's at your door think about the way

that you consume content when I was

younger and you wanted to watch TV you

had to wait for like Monday at 8 o'clock

for that program to come on and if you

missed it then you had to wait for the

summer for reruns well now you just hop

on a Netflix or Hulu or or Pro Amazon

Prime video and you watch whatever you

want whenever you want but we still in

church want people to show up at a

specific day in a specific time now

that's great but the important thing is

is to give options that means the more

services that you can do honestly the


one of the biggest mistakes I see

churches make is they move from five

services down to two services because

they build a bigger building well

honestly what they've done is they've

just chopped a bunch of options out for

people and honestly when people when

churches do that they lose people they

shrink in there and their congregation

so the important thing is listen maybe

smaller buildings more services which

means more options and

you can go from Sunday to also maybe a

Saturday and even this maybe even during

a day of the week you'll start to win

and you'll specially start to win with

Millennials hey hopefully you found this

video helpful if you did go and hit that

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until then keep killing it and we'll see

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