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seven ensure you have a proper

administrative structure acquires a

group of people coming together and you

as a music director cannot do everything

by yourself so if you need to create an

organic Ram based on the needs of your

choir then do so if you need to have

sectional leaders leaders for Altos

soprano tenor band leaders you know all

of these people recording back to you

then you should have a Clair structure

and let the choir know what the people

in those various roles because that

means that you have a proper order in

the point six recognize that you require

a volunteer it's not it's important that

you give the choir members schedule

ahead of time give them because they go

to work so you need to put those things

in their schedule it was a Christmas

program it's a referrals recognize them

they're volunteers and they're gonna

need enough tons to do it again make

sure to put things together five as a

worship leader a music director when you

have to select songs it's very critical

that you remember you know what are what

is a praise song and what is a worship

song let that be a structure to the way

you're selecting the songs if you've not

seen our video on what the difference

between praise and worship then you need

to go watch that video because it is

critical that the Lord gets his grace

and he's worship in service and you

should have a proper plan in place a

proper structure in place for how you

set together the song list for praising

worship in church for establish


time now it's important that you

actually have consistency in your time

for rehearsals let's say for example you

haven't Tuesday band rehearsal and then

Thursday choir rehearsal that maybe 30

minutes before service soundcheck

establish consistent time 3 constructive

criticism as a music director you want

to always ensure that when you are

criticizing you create critique in the

performance of a member of the choir it

is constructive there's something called

the sandwich method whereby you say

something positive first because

everything could have not be totally bad

if a worship leader led a session of

worship and something went wrong the

person went off-key maybe something was

right like Oh your shoes were nice by

the way but you know something you need

to work on your key you have to work on

the pitch level apply your voice control

breath control and guess what your

shadow look good on the wall just make

sure you start with something positive

and end with something positive such as

the person is encouraged to do better

next time

- Oh choir members time pause yeah I

said it I'm guilty of actual as well now

it's important that she gives you men

choir members

time off you know let's say for example

he had like a long weekend Friday

Saturday Sunday and you have like the

next rehearsal Thursday good tell him

you know what take Thursday off

everybody but make sure you coming say

45 minutes before the service so we

could speak a song that we already have

from your repertoire and so we couldn't

you know coming and just rehearse that

way it kind of refreshes them would be

prepared you do not just want to walk

into choir rehearsal without anybody

knowing what's gonna happen you have to

make sure that you're prepared you got

the songs ahead of time you already sent

it to them ahead of time

and we're coming this is what we're

doing and this is what we're doing next

everything has to be structure people


structure so be prepared come into the

rehearsal and there's high expectations

if you would like to have us come in for

between me and that my worship

conference you can reach us at info at

Toby Keith calm I will be sure to get