How to start a Kids Choir

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hi in this set of videos we will be

looking at choral music ministry

specifically as it relates to children

and youth so there's always a need to

minister to our children to bring them

into the church into to share with them

about Christ and one of the most

effective ways we can do this is through

a children's choir and so maybe you've

thought before yeah I'd like to start a

children's choir but where do I even


if you look around your core you may

already see young people that would love

to start singing together speak to your

core officer and your core leaders and

they can perhaps share with you other

core families that maybe haven't been at

your core in a little while and those

are families that you can reach out to

and invite them back into the core and

invite their children to come join your

choir the local school is a great way to

get information out about your choir

simply send the details to the school

administration and ask for their support

in promoting in promoting your new group

if your core has a website or Facebook

page this use of social media is an

awesome way to get information out and

to invite families along and invite

families to bring their children along

to your youth choir as with most things

word-of-mouth is one of the easiest yet

most effective way to get information

out there and out into the community I

would encourage you as your choir starts

to take shape to find opportunities to

sing outside of your core as well this

could be a community Christmas event or

you could sing at a local hospital and

oftentimes when people hear musicians

they are interested in learning more

about your group and they may want to

bring their children along to your group

so any idea that gets your information

gets your your your discussion about

your group out in the community those

are all good ideas to try

the next question usually is well what

about an accompanist and sadly this is

something that prevents a lot of people

from starting a children's choir if they

don't have that that traditional piano

accompanist and while there is a benefit

to that there are lots of other options

to provide accompaniment for you

most of the children's choral books and

choral music that is published now

include a listening track as well as an

accompaniment track that your children

can sing along with and with today's

technology most of those tracks are

readily available online when you make

your purchase

so they're great to use there are lots

of options for other instruments to

accompany you if you have a guitar

player in your core that can be a

beautiful accompaniment to acquire if

you have a worship team or a brass band

in your core these are also musicians

that can help you out with some

accompaniment you always have to be

careful with young singers and larger

numbers of people accompanying you just

because of the musical balance but if

you wanted to sing jesus loves me out of

the songbook the brass band

accompaniment is there ready to go grab

four or five of your players and ask

them to to help you out with that

a lot of choirs sing acapella without

any music at all so even though this may

be a little bit of a scary idea there is

so much good music that can be made from

an a cappella choir so don't be afraid

to give that a try

if you have a young person in your core

who's studying music say the piano but

they aren't necessarily comfortable yet

to play these full accompaniments maybe

they'd like to come along to rehearsal

make a play of a melody lines as you

teach them to your children it's

certainly help for you in running your

rehearsal but it also encourages them to

keep playing and it gives them some

learning experience and you never know

you could be developing and nurturing

your future accompanist so something to

keep in mind as you work in the next

video we will still just talk about some

general ideas for when you start your

choir maybe what your rehearsals would

look like where and when you can sing

but all of these ideas we will expand on

in more detail in the weeks to come and

the videos to come so if you have any

questions or feedback or if there are

specific topics that you want us to

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