Before Sleep | Beginners Spoken Guided Meditation | Chakra Alignment |How to Chakra Balance

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chakras sleep meditation hello and

welcome to this guided meditation a

gentle way to close your day a chance to

relax and realign your body mind and

spirit let's begin our practice seated

or laying down in a place you feel

comfortable falling asleep in silence

any distractions shut off the lights and

allow your mind to enter a space

suitable for a deep and restful sleep

your shoulder blades are tucked back

your shoulders low and open take a deep

breath and feel the way it flows with

your chest opened naturally and easily

right now we are going to take a journey

that will be just as natural and

effortless as your breathing so allow

yourself a moment to just enjoy the

feeling of stillness and when you are

ready let your eyes close with your eyes

closed you are able to intuitively sense

the tension in both your body and your

spirit although this may be

disconcerting at first know that your

ability to feel these discomforts also

brings with it the power to release them

right now you have the opportunity to

free any physical tension leaving you

space to release the mental or emotional

stress you carry with you


with this in mind take a deep breath in

inviting in growth and healing and when

you are ready exhale letting go of any

worry anger or resentment you carry

within you

repeat this process allowing yourself to

drift into a deeper and deeper sense of



during this meditation we will sink into

a profound relaxation as your

consciousness shifts from thoughts to

healing you have a magnificent power a

tremendous ability to heal yourself with

only your imagination over the course of

this spoken recording you will find

yourself encountering the seven chakras

or energy centers in your body you will

understand what parts of your life may

need a little energy healing and you

will give your spirit exactly what it

needs compassion gentleness and the

ability to transform into something more

beautiful than you can ever imagine so

for right now relax a little deeper feel

every part of your body from your feet

right up to your face from your scalp

right down to your toes

as you notice tension allow it to

dissolve away sinking into a state of

blissful calm feel your breath and relax



as you grow more relaxed your attention

drifts to a red light at the base of

your tailbone this is the root chakra

your connection with the earth and your

physical body

it grounds you and harnesses your energy

at a very intuitive level this chakra is

your sense of survival

it has your will to live as such fear or

trauma in this area can manifest itself

through physical or mental imbalance

fear or distrust of others at its best

the chakra allows you to reconnect with

wisdom and stories of your ancestors

resting secure in your own place in the

human family if you have struggled with

any of these areas or simply wish to

boost your courage and resourcefulness

imagine this ruby red light growing

stronger and more resolute with each

inhale feel your strength and rootedness

growing with every breath even as your

body sinks into a deeper sense of calm


your breath and awareness continues up

your spine to rest just above your

pelvis this is your sacral chakra

represented by an orange light take a

moment to sense the energy of this

chakra is the orange light brilliantly

colored or does it emit just a dull glow

whatever you sense allow your breath to

flow freely and without judgement as you

listen to the wisdom of this chakra the

second chakra is your Center for

emotions pleasure nurturing and creation

whatever that may mean to you

our desire for warmth and nourishment

resides here asked us the drive to

create things that share our gifts and

talents with the world a lack or surplus

of any of these things can result in an

imbalance or sense of disease in these

areas so as you listen to the wisdom of

your body feel your breath of stoking

the fire of your second chakra restoring

your energy and vitality breathing in

and out



as you grow more relaxed feel your mind

shifting gently to your third chakra the

energy center that pulses with yellow

light just below your solar plexus the

chakra is the home of your willpower and

sense of belonging

as you notice the way it looks and feels

ask yourself if you have felt any

discomfort in this area either

physically or mentally are there places

in your life that you feel you aren't

meant to be

do you have habits or routines you wish

you could put an end to or develop


maybe with every breath you take this

golden light grows brighter and brighter

as the light brightens you can feel your

sense of self and your personal drive

returning to balance either increasing

in strength or mellowing in intensity as

you breathe and grow even more tranquil



your body sinks deeper into the bed

engulfed in a sea of relaxation your

consciousness calm and at ease turned

its attention to the fourth chakra lit

by an emerald light resting at your

heart this chakra like the ancient heart

symbol represents love and compassion

for yourself and others in its purest

state this love is unconditional

unreserved and filled with joy love is a

part of everything from the way you

order a meal at a restaurant to the way

you talk to your body for many of us

love is a subject tightened with anger

pain and distrust


as you breathe allow your mind to

disconnect from past relationships

experiences and beliefs that may limit

your ability to love others without

reason or expectation and as you do so

feel your heart grow warmer and this

emerald light become brighter and





feel a breath rise a little higher

stopping at your throat noticing the

bright blue light that emanates from

this part of your spiritual

consciousness the chakra addresses

speaking out truths sharing our

creativity and ideas and moderating the

balance of sharing and listening as you

breathe a little deeper feeling muscle

tension dissolving away ask yourself if

this blue light is as vibrant as you

would like is this something that you

need to say that you haven't yet have

you said something you regret

do you balance your speaking with

listening your creativity with rest if

not smile gently at yourself and forgive

even as you allow your focus to

strengthen this area to better represent

your spiritual intelligence and

magnificent wisdom and as this light

grows brighter cleaner more pure

feel your body sink a little deeper into

your bed the blankets around you

soothing your body as your spirit grows

stronger and brighter than ever before



above this bright blue light is the

darker regal glow of your sixth chakra

the third eye chakra it is located just

between your eyebrows and governs your

ability to see and understand seeing in

this context does not just imply the

physical act of viewing what is around

you instead it allows you to perceive

the meaning of what you witness allow

yourself to reflect on whether you have

been missing the obvious or seeing

things where there are none if you find

yourself skewed one way or another

simply allow your breath to realign your

body and spirit as you feel your

intuitive self grow in confidence and

clarity breathe and feel this chakra

between your eyes notice the sensations

that come with it so you understand when

the third eye begins to communicate

through your physical presence




and now your awareness reaches your

seventh chakra the crown chakra which

inhabits no physical space in your body

but instead hovers above your scalp like

a halo some people perceive this chakra

as a royal purple while others see it as

brilliant white the combination of all

other colors of light

whatever you may see here allow your

consciousness to ponder the phrase I

know for it is this Madra that guides

this chakra boredom depression and

confusion can result in an imbalance in

this area for it is the crown chakra

that helps us focus not on ourselves as

individuals but on ourselves as a part

of a greater whole so breathe in

welcoming the unity that comes from the

being part of something greater and feel

your physical being revel in the unity

of mind body and spirit

breathe in and let go




and now give yourself a moment to

understand the way alignment feels in

your body


since the rainbow of light that begins

at your tailbone and runs all the way up

your spine illuminating your body and

the room around you with a vibrant light

feel the strength and confidence that

comes from being totally aligned body

mind and spirit working together in

perfect concert feel it and breathe

give yourself the permission you need to

relax for a few moments

utterly and completely giving yourself

to this sense of deep relaxation and a

wholeness at this moment in time you are

in tune with the tremendous power

yourself as the spoken part of this

meditation draws to a close focus your

attention on the way your body feels

enjoy the sensations of harmony and

peace as you feel your mind drifting

into unconsciousness as your body

follows suit breathe and know that you

are complete