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Sharyl who lives in this house in the

oakley district of mobile has spent a

large part of her life traveling the

world everywhere she went she found

items that she loved and brought them

home to feather her nest and keep a

constant reminder of all the places

she's been as much as she loves all of

her travel fine it was all starting to

feel a little cluttered for her so she

asked me to help her find a better way

to display the collection on her front

porch where she spends a lot of her time

today we're going to show you how we

were able to edit down

Cheryl's incredible collection without

sacrificing her totally cool boho style

I'm Catherine Arensberg and this is

simple.honest.design as you may already

know bohemian style is really in right

now but Cheryl is boho way before it was

a trend with over 25 years of collecting

she has no shortage of items to style

her living spaces to start her front

porch design who cleaned off the entire


and went shopping in her house and

backyard to find items where she keeps

even more fine stored away in her garage

yeah these are really awesome yeah

where'd you get these from and well some

of them actually are from southeast and

salvaged some of them some of them are

back from India Indonesia most of the

Sahaj it back this is all like I have

had a lot of this for a long time and

haven't done anything with it yeah

thinking I was gonna make dresses or

something out of it I just haven't done

it I didn't forget really cool hanging

in bagger

maybe as a back draft absolutely yeah

once I found some items for inspiration

we got to work assembling them on the

front porch a few key tips to achieving

the bohemian look are these use vivid

hues and bold patterns in every

imaginable color of the rainbow together

in one space more is more every nook and

cranny should be filled with fun

colorful object that catches your eye

and finally remember to mix it up the

biggest rule in bohemian style is that

there are no rules it's all about

comfort relaxation and serenity let all

the things that you love shape the space

you live

so after we put up these beautiful

colorful panels up on the wall and we

put our pork swing back up we kind of

had a large visual blank space so we

added a bar stool for height and then

just added this beautiful large fern on

top to added some color and texture and

then fill up that space Sheryl's natural

bohemian style really inspired me to be

able to come up with a pared down and

refresh space for her to enjoy with her

pups and guests day or night


I'm so excited that we were able to take

all of Cheryl's worldwide travel fines

and pair them down into a really sleek

design for her front porch that really

keeps with her bohemian style until next

time I'm Catherine Arensberg and this is

simple.honest.design wait you got Jamie

in the background

cameras rolling collection Kari and

great I hope that was good enough let's

do one more for a bonus oh I like that

I like you too I think you were like

peppy at these countries was good like


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