How to Plan, Host, and Lead an Awesome Bible Study

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hey it's Kristin and Bethany mare with

girl defined ministries and in today's

vlog we're gonna be talking about how to

plan host and lead an awesome Bible

study so planning and hosting a Bible

study can be super intimidating if you

don't really know what you're doing if

you've never done it before I remember

one of the first times I hosted a Bible

study at my house and I was really

intimidated I'm like oh what if no one

shows up what if I don't know what I'm

doing what if people feel awkward they

don't like it and I was intimidated and

I had to reach out to other resources

and look at what other people did try to

figure it out and the steps that I

learned in the things that I learned

through that first Bible study really

helped me I did some things good and I

did some things bad I look back and I'm

like I think I'll do that again but over

the years both Kristen and I have led

multiple Bible studies small Bible

studies big Bible studies and there are

a few key steps that have really helped

us to plan host and lead an awesome

Bible study and so in today's vlog we're

hoping that these steps will equip you

to lead an awesome Bible study as well

so you may have a awesome idea and

you're ready to dive in and start that

Bible study but the first thing that we

encourage you to do is to take some time

to stop and pray seek the Lord with this

idea pray and ask God am i in a position

to lead this study do I have a humble

heart am i equipped just as this book is

this a good topic I need to take the

Lord on what study I should do take some

time first to stop and pray and seek the

Lord's wisdom second you need to create

a list it's really hard to know what

kind of study to plan if you don't know

who's gonna be there so if like age

group are you inviting a younger group

of girls are you inviting girls your own

age how many are you thinking is this

gonna be a smaller study maybe since

this is your first one or one of your

beginning studies it might be a good

idea to keep it smaller once you have a

list an idea of who you're going to

invite to this study

then you can kind of continue to plan

from there so we really encourage you to

create a list a number three pick the

study once you have your list and you

know what kind of people you're inviting

then you just need to pick a study

whether it's an actual book study you're

doing whether you're gonna pick a book

of the Bible and organize a study based

on that the next thing to do is to pick

the study a few of our favorite

recommendations true woman-101 by nancy

lieder boss that's a great one true

woman to oline that's our second

that's a really great study as well and

then our book girl to find God's radical

design for beauty femininity and

identity actually has a chapter by

chapter study guide and we've even

created videos to go along with the

study here on our YouTube channel so

those are just a few ideas on studies

that you can do number 4 choose a

location so you've got to kind of figure

that out in your brain do you want to

have it at your house if you have a

house or maybe it's an apartment you

have an apartment but if you don't have

a place where you can personally host it

we recommend finding someone who does

have a place that you can host or

whether it's a girlfriend

maybe your mom a family member because

there's just something so like special

about going inside someone's home it I

think it just makes you feel more

comfortable to open up and share yeah

but if all those options fail don't let

that stop you you can always go to a

coffee shop or just a cozy place out

there someplace where you can go to have

the study number five secure a date and

time it might actually be a really good

idea to talk to the people on your

invite list and ask them hey what day

would work best for you is that is that

a weekday is it a weekend what time

morning afternoon evening what works

best for the people that you're inviting

and then you need to decide am I gonna

have this once a week twice a week once

a month twice a month how frequent is

the study gonna be and then the last

thing you need to do once you discover

all of that is nail down a start date

yeah pick that date choose that date to

start and then go for it

number six invite them to join you need

to let your friends know now there are

awesome things online where you can

create super cute invites through an

email or you can even create like a

super cute invitation and send that to

them or if that's too much just come up

with a great text including all of the

details and send it out a lot of times

what I like to do is send out like a

save the date almost like hey here's

when the study's gonna get started more

details to come so you must need to

invite your friends to join so they can

know what to expect that they can know

the start date and they can start

preparing as well and number seven

collect responses this might seem kind

of basic but in our experiences of doing

studies it's amazing how many people

don't actually respond to the initial

invite or text message or whatever that

you send they just get busy and they

forget so don't be discouraged if you're

not getting many responses and our goal

it's normal and it's always best to

follow up a second time and just say hey

did you get my invite what do you think

if you still haven't heard don't be

afraid to send a third response do you

need it after it because we're busy our

lives are crazy keep after it until you

get all of those

or no responses number 8 create a

schedule you want to have an idea of

what the evening is going to look like

now this isn't something that you're

going to give your friends it's

something that's for you so you'll know

ok so from like 6:45 to 7 I'm gonna have

the people arriving I'm gonna be

welcoming them there's gonna be named

tax out ok from 7:00 to 7:30 it's just

gonna be like coffee and chatting I'm

gonna have snaps out that's kind of the

idea you want to create a detailed

schedule that you can follow that way

it's organized that way you know where

you're going that way when people arrive

it's not just like ok now they're here

what do I do with them so that's one of

my favorite things schedules are like my

best friend when it comes to study so I

encourage you to create a detailed

schedule for the evening and number 9

how to actually host so the people are

coming the time is ticking you know

they're gonna be there any minute and

you're nervous and guess what they're

probably nervous too I don't know about

you but whenever we go into a brand new

study we're always a little bit nervous

you know who's gonna be there you're not

sure when it's gonna be all about so you

as the host want to make it as

comfortable as possible for the people

coming to your study so a few of our

recommendations have nametags out so

everyone can know who yeah there is it's

so hard to remember all those names make

it fun provide snacks maybe some like

desserts some front punch whether that

is but everyone loves you that means

tulisa's people up and then some other

things we've noticed that just make it

comfortable maybe I have a candle or two

going have some like Christian music

playing no one's talking it's not dead

silent right just little things like

that help to create a wonderful kind of

natural environment for everybody coming

in it creates hospitality and that is

just a few of our tips on how to be a

good host so we know we've shared a lot

of information with you but we hope as

you go and you think and pray about

hosting a Bible study that those tips

and steps will help you kind of know how

to think through this you know to know

like okay is this the right thing to do

am I even going about this right

seriously those are the exact tips that

we've used in planning and hosting Bible

studies so we just hope they're so

helpful for you but ultimately I think

you just have to go for it

you gotta take that step at a time we

know you're scared we know you're

nervous we've been nervous too

but it will be so worth it in the end if

nothing else you will learn and grow a

ton as you trust in God as you plan the

study thanks so much for watching

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