How to Lead a Bible Study (8 tips for leading a healthy, multiplying small group Bible study)

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okay step I have led Bible studies for

over 20 years and I would love to tell

you some of the things that God has

shown me through my failures and through

the wisdom of others and just by coming

through because he's a good guy so let

me tell you there is eight helpful tips

that I want to share with you for how to

lead a Bible study alright the first one

is you have to start dependent on God

all right you have to start in a place

that says God I cannot do this on my own

would you fill me with your spirit and

do this through me there's a great video

on my channel called living the spirit

filled life that that will accept on

what that's like but number one start

dependent on the Lord alright number two

is you scripture alright we don't want

to just use book studies that are like

kind of have some scripture involved in

entwined but we really want to be based

on Scripture so some good examples

depending on the group that you have say

if you have a group of people who are

very new who don't know a bunch about

Jesus new Christians I really would

recommend the who is this Jesus it's put

out by Cru press and you can order at

the CRU store it's amazing it goes

through the life of Jesus and his

parables his teaching his death and it

basically just shows about how he can't

be a good person he really was God um

well he was a good person but he was God

he can't be only a good person that is

really good another really great studies

that I encourage our radical you know

the book radical it really stays focus

on the mission um there is a small group

discussion guide that goes along with

that book heaven by randy Alcorn will

give people a bigger vision of living

for eternity seeking Him this has

homework actually all of these have

homework throughout the week I'm seeking

him by Nancy Lee Dumas it's also really

good so those are ones I recommend at

missional women we do ones for every

book of the Bible alright we're not

quite there yet but we have many of them

so judges Romans Galatians and I love

doing Bible studies this way because


what you do and actually my most

favorite one to do in a group was judges

because you read it together you read

one chapter a week together and then you

take a few minutes to just jot it down

you come back together and share your

insights and it is so cool to see the

different things that God shared with

different people and the things that

apply to different people's lives when

you read the same exact thing it's

awesome so I really recommend eight

these I'll put a link below but you can

get them at the Mishnah women.com

store there uh another thing that is

also really helpful for doing a book

study through a book of the Bible is

this the complete Bible discussion guide

so if you're not gonna do any of these

which I do recommend just using

Scripture it's really God it's God's

Word it's the most important words

so using these journals or this right

here goes through the New Testament and

it has I'm not sure if you can see that

as questions to help you observe what's

going on to help you see what's going on

in the passage to help you apply it

so both the journals and this are really

great for studying a book of the Bible

also this is my newly published Bible

study so I just you but it goes through

women of the Bible especially those ones

you don't know a ton about and it's very

high in application no study no homework

during the week you would just read it


and then you would answer these

questions in your group discussion which

it really gets to seeing the heart of

God and his character and then also

being able to apply that to our life so

um start off dependent on God go to

Scripture go to God's Word the third one

is creating an environment of openness

this is a huge need because the greatest

need of mankind is to love and to be

loved and to feel worthwhile to self and

others and if we're not known we can't

be loved so you really want to create an

atmosphere that's going to help people

to get to know each other um that God's

Word is the most important thing but

it's not the only thing there's other

things that are super important you

could do you could do this in ways of

just letting one person share their


the beginning of your study each week

and rotate that way or you could have

people share the five H's which are

hero's heritage highlights hopes and

hardships so just take one thing all

right share your heroes this week all


next the next week share your heritage

what is your what's your background like

spiritually and also your family or you

could use these these are the reveal

cards and they are intended for helping

people get to know each other better

there is questions already built-in for

small group discussions they can also be

used to help you share your testimony

but they're right here so you could just

ask yourself a question

a recent way that guides came through

for you you spread these down on the

table and you can um just share about

pick one and then share that you can ask

the group if you have a large group you

can submit in the smaller groups or you

can just limit people to say two minutes

it is super important for people to be

able to share who they are and to draw

that out of other people because that's

where growth is going to happen all


so the third one foster an environment

of openness so asking people to share

and then you also need to be open and I

lead the way and vulnerable foreigner

ability in that way all right fourth one

is encourage application all right god

wants us to not be merely hearers of the

word but he wants it to think in and us

to be able to act on it so really asking

the following week hey how did it go

last week on the things that you are

trusting good god for about really

bringing it back to applying God's Word

all right the fifth one is fostering an

environment that clings to Jesus's

perspective Jesus is perfection rather

than our own all right we got a model

the fact that it's it's a surrender that

God wants not perfection that we are

never called to be never mess up people

because we can't do that but we are

called to continually live a life of

repentance and surrender dependent on

Jesus right number six is planned for

multiplication all right you don't want

your group just to stay the same all

right you want your group to grow you

want the people in your group to be able

to multiply and make this

sciples right so that would take

connecting with people in your group

sometime during the week if that's

getting together with them if that's

shooting them text depending on how much

time you have seen what you could pray

for but the people that our faith will

use that acronym faithful available

initiative takers teachable and have a

heart for God those are going to be the

next leaders and you want to invest in

them you want to pour into them you want

to help them connect with God and point

them to Jesus because Jesus is going to

develop them and help them become

multipliers so invest with them

number seven is help your group be

outward focused

alright this it takes intentionality we

don't naturally just serve God if there

are so many barriers on comfort and

convenience so we really just need to be

taking the initiative to serve as a

group it doesn't have to be every week

but you can think like me and we want to

serve as in Operation Christmas Child we

want to start all year and be building

packages that we would be able to

support that ministry or we want to at

Christmas time put on something for

single moms and I'm change widow's oil

in their car or something that you can

think about as a group to serve together

and number eight which is my favorite

and often the most neglected is vision

and training all right we want to cache

vision vision leaks so we want to

continually be casting vision for people

about living out the Great Commission

all right you can do that with different

books alright more than a carpenter this

is an apologetics type of book but it

just little excerpts orb radical like I

mentioned little excerpts from this the

finisher is amazing if you haven't read

it so you could just read it and share

different highlights or different things

that stand out and and it's not about me

so just pull out books that help you

live on mission and keep focused on the

Great Commission and share excerpts you

could also use I saw this as a huge need

of not having vision and training for

the Great Commission in Bible studies so

I developed something called the connect

cards and

they have all the questions lined out

for you in different topics so each week

you could just

there's connect with God ones and but

there is awesome connect to the mission

so each week it's just a tiny little

element of 10 to 15 minutes you add to

your group time that will help train

people on how to live out the Great

Commission how to get in the gospel

conversations and how to start spiritual

conversations and get to the gospel and

things like that so these I'll put in

the description or below but you can

also find it the mission women's doors

those are eight tips that help you lead

a great Bible City we'll take your Bible

study from a good Bible study to a great

multiplying living on mission for the

glory of God Bible study alright if you

have questions type them in the comments

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