Bible Journaling Workshop: Come With Me!

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hey everyone its Monica welcome back to

because Jesus Bible journaling today I

have a completely different type of

video for you so fair warning you're

going to see my face in this video not

just my hands I am just getting ready to

head out and travel about an hour north

of where I live to teach a Bible

journaling workshop to a group of women

I'm really excited about it this is a

lot different from the two previous

workshops I've done I am going to get to

work with these women for about four

hours I think we'll have a really good

time in the word together diving into it

I'm going to start packing my supplies

right now I kind of wanted to share this

process with you for now I'm feeling a

little bit nervous but really excited

this is just an opportunity that God has

brought my way so I'm going to jump into

it it's going to be exciting so here is

a glimpse of some of the things that I'm

bringing so this is my Bible journaling

workshop supply drawer and this is

hilarious this is like a college

textbook but the pages are really really

similar to Bible pages in texture and

feel and just the way that it reacts

with art media so I like to during my

workshops give ladies a chance to

journal on pages that I've torn out of

this book so that they can kind of see

how stuff reacts on a Bible page I've

got some other stuff here I've got my

Crayola twist of all colored pencils

I've got some watercolor supplies this

couch has all kinds of brushes and

things this is an old laptop case and

inside I just have all kinds of

different paper I have some free

templates to share with them I have some

cardboard things that they can do some

work on I have some tracing paper to

make tippin's of course I bring things

like glue and washi tape and then I do

bring a set of some of my favorite pen

and I kind of just keep these in the

brush rolls and these are just kind of

for women who really get into it and

want to test out some of my favorite

supplies that's about it in this drawer

so as I'm filming this just excuse the

mess this room doubles as our

schoolroom in our play room and also my

art studio so this is the suitcase that

I'm using to pack my Bible journaling

workshop supplies into and while I kind

of keep everything stocked and ready I

also kind of customize what I bring

depending on the workshop so right here

in this envelope are some templates that

I actually designed with the specific

workshop in mind that kind of

corresponds to the women's retreat

topics so that's really fun and also for

this workshop in particular I'm tossing

in a pad of calligraphy paper that I

drifted at a thrift store which is

really handy for hand lettering and I'm

also going to toss in a pad of graph

paper that was coincidentally also

thrifted I'm really excited because I

get to spend the 4 hours with these

women I want to do a little bit of

scripture writing as well and help them

build some confidence in their lettering

ability so it's coming along this side

is pretty much full and over here I

wanted to show you a few other things

I'm going to be throwing in this is just

a notebook that I always bring because

it has my notes and stuff in it that I

feel like the Lord has laid on my heart

to share with these ladies I also bring

my daughter's inspire Bible and this is

the Bible that my 7 year olds does some

Bible journaling in and the ladies love

to see that as an option

I also encourage people to always just

jump in and use a sketch pad or a normal

journal as well I bring my personal

Bible with me to share with them just

kind of my own process and so that they

can look at a journaling Bible if

they've never seen one

I'm also traveling with my interleaved

Bible because that's just another really

different option that they can look at

and I do have a video about this

interleaves Bible so I'll link to that

up in the cards in the upper right hand

corner finally I also bring this book

the complete guide to Bible journaling

this is just a great resource for people

to look through and get ideas and kind

of build a new understanding about Bible

journaling okay I think I'm fully packed

each one of my Bibles has gone into a

nice little leather pouch that fits them

just to kind of protect them in transit

I threw in a wad of paper towels here

because that's always a good thing to

have on hand and I'm just going to lift

this up and get ready to go so I hope

you enjoyed seeing what I was packing

and here are some of the supplies

scattered about during the workshop I

did obtain permission from these lovely

ladies to allow me to include them in my

video I just wanted to let you guys

observe and see what these workshops

really look like this is so fun these

are people who have never done any Bible

journaling and they are just getting

their hands dirty and playing around

with some of the templates that I bring

playing around with watercolors and

colored pencils and it was just such a

fabulous time hey everyone good morning

yesterday was the Bible journaling

workshop it was four hours long it was

just amazing it was so wonderful I don't

know if you can hear the birds that are

singing this morning but it's just a

really nice location very peaceful

beautiful and green forested lots of

trees being in God's creation has been a

really nice wonderful thing I was kind

of reflecting on how the workshop went

first of all I feel like God's presence

was there I feel so blessed just

witnessing people interacting with the

Word of God

and hearing his voice it is just

something that I don't think I'll ever

grow tired of is watching people

discover that as they create in their

Bibles or next to their Bibles the Word

of God is just going over and over in

their mind and it's really fun to watch

my second reflection point is just that

we have an enemy there is opposition you

guys to us interacting with the Word of

God for me personally

yesterday it came in the form of kind of

a slight migraine that I just kept

fighting and fighting all day until the

workshop and then it was like over once

the workshop was over it was just gone

for the last workshop that I did it came

in the form of our car alarm

mysteriously going off two times right

around 3:00 in the morning the day that

I was going to be giving a workshop and

you know more things than that as well

more than can be just coincidences but I

think yesterday was a win for God we

have an enemy but yesterday God won he

showed up he's always there and these

women were able to relax there was a

release of peace in the room women who

had never created before were like wow I

I love this people who swore they

weren't creative created everyone in the

room created something and I think

that's just a really fun monument with

the Lord that they can take with them

from here on and at some point in this

video either before or after this little

talking face of mine I am going to

insert some art that the women created

and I got their permission some of the

art you'll see is on that Bible ish

paper that I'm tearing out of an old

college literature book that you saw

earlier in the video my third

observation is just that I'm really

looking forward to see what else God has

for me you know it was just over a year

ago that I Bible journaled for the first

time and then it was last July that for

some reason I started filming it and

people have been blessed by it and I

really do feel like this is a ministry

God's given me I feel like my Etsy store

is a new way that I have to support this

ministry because it does take time it

does take materials I am seeing that it

takes a little bit of time away from my

family but I have a family that is

really supporting me in this ministry I

want to bring you guys along for this

journey and just demonstrate God's glory

through it it's amazing later this month

I'll be attending a training that's

focused on using art for healing from

trauma and I really want to share some

of that with you guys let me know in the

comments below if that's something that

is of interest to you if you want to

hear some about that I'm really really


what is it God that you have for me what

is it that you want to show me Lord and

I'm just along for the ride

I'm really excited now in this portion

of the video to share some of the art

that the ladies created during the

workshop this was just amazing to watch

the Lord minister to women and touch

their hearts to watch them share the

stories behind these

images that they've added into their

Bibles these images that they have

created on tippin's to be later

installed in new journaling Bibles of

their own different experimentation with

different techniques of flowers and

watercolor colored pencils using the

templates using their own stuff it's

just really fun to watch the Lord

administer to these ladies I hope that

you've enjoyed this little journey I

brought you on if you liked this

different kind of video give it a thumbs

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