3 Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Improvement Pill here welcome to lesson 4 of the tamed course in the previous

lessons we covered the strategy for this course how habits work and debunked some

of the biggest misconceptions regarding habits so if you have not watched the

previous lessons pause this video right now and click on the link in the

description below because remember in order for you to get the most out of

this course in order for you to really learn how to change your habits and

change your life you're gonna have to watch each and every single one of the

videos in today's video we're gonna talk about some of the best habits to adopt

so that you can pick one for yourself to focus on for the rest of the course but

before we get into the different habits that you should consider let me tell you

a short story so tom was your average guy he was in his late 20s he had a

decent paying job it wasn't very fit but at the same time he wasn't overweight he

did okay in life but like most people he had somewhat of an addiction his choice

of poison was smoking he would smoke four or five cigarettes a day which

isn't too bad but he knew it was a problem so eventually Tom meets a girl

her name is Janice and they really hit it off but Janice was really really

against smoking and wanted Tommy to quit Tom was in love and he knew that she was

right so he decided to give it his all and quit for good the quitting process

wasn't too bad for Tom it took him a while but after a year he was able to

quit smoking for good but that wasn't the only thing that changed about Tom he

started going to the gym he managed to lose some weight and put on some muscle

he also started reading a bit more his relationship with his co-workers and

boss and proved that he got a promotion for the first time in five years

stories like this are very common researchers have observed that time and

time again that when someone overcomes a bad habit or starts forming a new one a

whole slew of other good habits come with it they named this sort of habit a

keystone habit a single habit that causes you to adopt multiple other good

habits and change your life the reason I'm telling you the story is because

today you're going to pick a habit to focus on for the rest of this course and

the three habits that I'm gonna show you are three of the most powerful keys

don't have it's out there these habits have the highest chance of drastically

changing your life so if I'll further ado here are the

three most effective don't habits the first one is reading

most of you guys probably know by now that I'm a huge fan of reading when I

first started my self development journey this was the first habit that I

started implementing into my life I would read just about every single day

on my commute to work because of this I would finish a book a week now everyone

knows that education is important that's why we spend twelve to eighteen years

and buildings that are designed to teach us things

however the problem lies in the fact that most of the stuff we learned in

school isn't that useful in real life what was the last time you had a user

history knowledge or your knowledge of calculus these things are nice to know

and have their uses but aren't that practical in our day to day lives

instead we need to be learning about things like social skills maintaining a

proper diet how to exercise money management things that we don't really

learn correctly in school books provide you with knowledge on all of these

topics they also give you different perspectives on things that we assumed

to be true for example most people assume they should always buy a car but

if you read books on investing or money management you'll often come across the

idea that hey it's actually better to lease a car and this is actually true

literally all of the car salesmen that I personally know leased their cars they

don't buy them and by reading you'll often find that you'll start adjusting

other areas of your life if you're reading a book on body language you'll

start becoming more conscious of your own body language as well as those

around you if you read a book on money management you start noticing a change

in your spending habits and because of its ability to influence any part of

your life in a positive way reading is without a doubt one of the most powerful

Keystone habits out there the next keystone habit is meditation I have tons

of videos on meditation and you guys probably know by now that I'm a huge

advocate for it the reason meditation is so powerful is because of what it does

to your brain it trains a part of your brain that's responsible for willpower

for self-control and just like going to the gym if you train it it actually gets

stronger and this gives you the ability to do certain things things that I

consider to be superpowers for example you'll find yourself more in control of

your emotion and this is great because oftentimes we

relapse or give into our addictions when our emotions are all over the place

another thing meditation trains you to do is focus longer meditation is simply

the act of trying to focus your mind on one thing and this is extremely hard for

people nowadays when you start meditating and making it into a habit

you'll notice a drastic increase in your ability to focus maybe in the past you

were the type of person who couldn't even read two pages of a book without

getting sidetracked a lot of people report increased focus being able to

read entire chapters at a time after making meditation into a habit and the

last superpower that Meditation provides is a sense of general well-being do you

remember that sort of awe and joy you had as a kid when a little things in

life would excite you meditation brings back that sort of mindset that sort of

perspective where you can sit down on a park bench and simply be mind blown by

just how beautiful everything around you is meditation is an extremely powerful

Keystone habit because it in itself is a very very hard habit to stick to but if

you can make it into a habit that you do automatically every day that means your

levels of willpower have skyrocket dramatically and adopting other habits

will become a piece of cake the third and final keys don't have it that we're

gonna speak about today is fitness and this includes everything ranging from

running to lifting heavy weights to doing calisthenics Fitness is an

extremely powerful keys don't have it because of its intimate relationship

with diet researchers have found that most people who start sticking to a

fitness regimen will often find themselves adjusting their diet as well

even if they're told not to it makes sense because if you're working your ass

off at the gym you're less likely to consume junk food right after because it

quote unquote undos all of your hard work and because these two habits

basically come in a package together it requires a lot of willpower to maintain

so if you can successfully make them into full-fledged habits you'll be able

to take on smaller habits with ease for those of you that are curious as to how

willpower works we're gonna cover all of that later on in the course but for now

just understand that it does work like a muscle the more you test it destroy

it becomes on top of that the habit of fitness and diet has a huge influence on

how you feel every single day many people report feeling tired or foggy and

oftentimes the problem stems from our diet or our lack of exercise once these

people start adopting these two good habits they often report feeling much

better and if you start feeling better on a day to day basis it makes it much

easier to start adopting other good habits this ability to improve your

body's day-to-day function makes fitness and diet an extremely powerful Keystone

habit so again here are the three Keystone habits that we just talked

about reading meditation fitness and diet now I know I know there's dozens of

other good habits out there like cold showers morning rituals making your bed

etc but these three Keystone habits are without a doubt three of the most

powerful habits that you can add to your life so what I like for you to do right

now is to think carefully about which habit you want to work on for the rest

of this course which of these habits are you going to commit to to try to stick

to until it reaches that line of automaticity that we talked about

well you no longer even have to think about doing it that's the goal it's also

very important to note that you should only try to stick to one of these habits

at a time we humans are extremely bad at multitasking although we tend to think

that we're pretty good I can just about guarantee that if you're trying to adopt

multiple habits at once that you're going to get overwhelmed and fail stick

to the single keystone habit you decide on it until it reaches that line of

automaticity do not I repeat do not try to adopt any other good habits until

that keys don't have it you picked is completely embedded in your life so what

I like for you to do right now is to think hard about which of these three

habits you're gonna stick to for the rest of this course make your decision

and let me know what you picked in the comments below

next week we're gonna start talking about how you can start forming this

habit how to strategically pick a cue that will increase your chances of

sticking to this habit how to get closer to the line of automaticity without

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