5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere

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hey there and thanks for gifting

yourself these next few minutes it's

important to remember that you're a

priority and allowing yourself even just

a few short minutes of intentional

reflection can really have a positive

impact on the rest of your day so let's

use these next few minutes to come back

to Center and set an intention for the

rest of your day


move into a comfortable position and

whether you're seated at your desk at

work or laying on the couch at home and

gently close your eyes and shift all of

your attention onto your breathing

taking slower deeper breaths then you've

taken all day so far taking a deep

breath in through your nose and slowly

letting it out through your mouth and

continuing to breathe that way

feeling your lungs expand out as you

inhale and contract back in as you


tune into your body noticing how it


noticing if there's anything that it's

trying to tell you notice any place of

tension or tightness in your body and

give those areas permission to relax

sending love into those areas thank your

body for taking such good care of you

and let it know that it's okay to rest

and relax for these next few minutes

you may notice that your mind starts to

wander off that's okay that's natural

just notice it and bring your attention

back to your body using your breath as

your anchor try to picture one thing

that's happened today that's made you

smile or made you thankful or

appreciative and just let that feeling

fill you up for a moment breathe that

feeling in from the top of your head to

the tips of your toes and allow yourself

to smile if that feels natural now focus

on something that you can do today

whether it's for yourself or for someone

else that will allow you to continue

feeling this way it could be something

as small as deciding to go to bed early

tonight so that you have time to finally

read that book that's been on your

bedside table or the joy of getting

dinner with a close friend what's one

little thing you can plan for your day

to bring that intentional joy to it now

just focus on that for a few minutes sit

in that feeling of joy and peace




now let's take a few more deep breaths

together a deep breath in

feeling your lungs expand out as you

inhale and everything contract back in

as you exhale again an even deeper

breath than the one before it holding

that breath for a beat and exhaling

everything out


last time your deepest breath yet

sending that breath through your entire

body and exhale it out and in your own

time slowly bring your awareness back to

where you are and thank yourself for

taking these few minutes to just be

intentional and kind to yourself and

when you're ready you can gently open

your eyes and enjoy the rest of your day