Perfect Landings: Stabilized Approach | X Plane 11 - Zibo 737 - 800

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if you've ever admired how effortlessly

real aircraft float down to the runway

then you already know what a stabilized

approach should look like so today we're

going to talk about what the stabilized

approach is and how we're going to work

on getting one in the simulator



I have a confession to make my landings

tend to be awful that's not a flair

that's me flying parallel to the ground

but it was a long flight and I was lazy

so what am I gonna do throw out some

spoilers slam it into the ground

add some thrust reverse it's not really

how disgusting the landing looks that

matters it's not about an extremely high

rate of descent into the runway or

running out of runway in the case of

this mess the point is these aren't