Skydiving Basics: from the Pre-jump to the Landing

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today we're gonna talk about the basics

of this skydiving

I think everybody has a basic idea of

what skydiving is about you take a plane

like this you get to the door and you

jump out but I don't think people

probably realize what the sport of

skydiving is all about everything that a

skydiver might think about but that's

what we're going to talk about today the

first thing you do when you get to a

drop sound you want to make sure your

gear is in good working order and that

starts of course with your rig alright

these things are really simple you got a

main canopy down here you have a reserve

canopy in case something goes wrong up

here and you have a couple of handles um

this is how you deploy your main canopy

and this handle is how you deploy your

reserve in case you need it and then