How to create a Land Use Survey on Google Maps - Course work tips (GCSE, A Level and IB)

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hello everyone in this video we can be

looking at a slightly different set of

skills we can be looking at the skills

that you can use in geography or for any

other subject for that matter to create

a land-use map now you might be aware

that Google creates some very good maps

but what is less well known is the fact

that Google has this function that

allows you to create your own

individualized personal Maps called

Google my maps this is what I'm gonna be

showing you how to use today so we're

gonna create a new map and when it loads

up I'm gonna go to the area that I know

quite well because I'm currently living

in it and it is nice in France there we

go pins being dropped and I'm gonna zoom

into the this area over here there we go

let me focus it now for those of you who

know the area you can see this over here