How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space

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How to land the space shuttle from space.

So, quick disclaimer, this talk is only 20

minutes. So I only have time to give you

an intuition for how landing works. If

you actually want to go fly the real

shuttle, please make sure you read the

owners manual. Also you're gonna need a

time machine because the last shuttle

landed over five years ago they live in

museums now they're completely


However, I, like all of you, have been

living in a state of denial for the last

five years. Especially you Steve Feldman.

So, in my world, the shuttle still flies

and we're just gonna use present tense

for this talk.

Alright, so let's get started. Our goal is

to land on a runway at Kennedy Space

Center in Florida, but let's say right

now we're orbiting over South America