How to land your dream job with one email | Edward Druce | TEDxDonauinsel

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thank you I want to share a painful and

comical experience with you when I was

18 years old I was looking to land a

work position with Ryan Holliday who at

the time was director of marketing for

American Apparel now wanting my email to

stand out more than anything I decided

that I would put my email together using

Comic Sans yep I really did that I

thought it a good idea at the time

now Ryan kindly responded to my message

certainly got his attention

I was right with that I was over the

moon that he got back to me but he

included a PS I would definitely

recommend changing your font originally

I thought this email was from a teenage

girl painful lesson in this talk I want

to ensure that you don't make quite so

comical and horrendous mistakes with

your emails see most people don't know