How to Land 5 hits with Super Horns in Mario Kart Tour | Challenge Gude

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hey guys just a quick video to do with

Mario Kart or that people in asking

about which is should check here so to

do with super horns Land five hits with

super horns so for those who don't know

super horns are this it's this item

right here the red box with corn in it

and it can only usually be get when you

are in first place or at least in the

top two because it's designed to take

out the blue shell it's a very very rare

item drop and even I am in Campinas

tasks yet I've got four out of five and

I'm still trying to grind for another

one but just nothing seems to work in

fact have 100 races before I've got this

so that's how hard it is to get there

are some ways you can kind of guarantee

it though but it depends on your orangie

so like if you have Pauline and you get

the seven her special ability