How to Land Better - Smash Ultimate

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How to land better: Neutral air dodge before touching the stage. Thank you all for watching

my video on how to land better, see you soon.

Okay there’s no way any of you actually

fell for that one. But anyway, whether you’re approaching from the air, getting out of a

combo, escaping a juggle, or jumping off a cliff, you’re gonna have to land at some

point. I feel like this topic doesn’t get talked about enough as it really does matter,

like a lot. This video will explain just how to do it.

But real quick before I begin, I want to tell you about something that I’m really pumped

the share with you. I love making content. It’s been a huge passion of mine since I

was in middle school.I’d say the single most common question I get asked is how do

I consistently put own these decently edited videos? I can’t really answer that on this

channel, though since most people come here for Smash.

But that’s when I was excited to hear about Amino. Their app has a super cool new stories

feature. Now before you roll your eyes because literally every app on the planet has a stories

feature slapped onto it, this one, I gotta say, surprised me. The time and effort people

tend to put towards their stories on Amino is much higher than what you’d see on Instagram.

Amino reached out to me, and I’ve actually made my own stories where I document my entire

video-making process. So be sure to check that out by clicking the link in the description

or just searching “Amino Apps” to get it on your mobile device. You can find me

by searching “bananaboyssb” once it’s downloaded. After that, be sure to follow

me to know when I’m posting new stuff. And just like YouTube, simply watching my stories