Ark Survival Evolved How to LAND YOUR BIRD

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ah damn thanks for clicking on this

video guys today we are actually here

with our super character and our friend

virgin which just means behaved and this

fantastic animal on our shoulder plus

the new and amazing animals that they

just release and what are we going to do

we are actually going to see how to

properly land advert afternoon or any

other flying mount that you can possibly

get in arc so we're going to see the

buttons and the strategy let's start

straightaway so this is the easiest way

to learn I did it pretty easily and it

shouldn't be any problem at all you can

actually fly wherever you want with your

Pteranodon like this and then as soon as

you want to learn instead of sprinting

release the shift or remove the release

the spring button from your xbox or ps4

just start to go slowly Norma if you