No Man's Sky VR - 20 Tips and Tricks For Beginner VR Players

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So we have been pretty much hooked on No Mans Sky VR.

We have played all weekend, and it has been a blast!

We still have much to learn ourselves, but we have already encountered some useful things

that we wanted to share.

If you just started No Man’s Sky in Virtual Reality fresh like us, then you might find

these useful.

So here are 20 beginner tips and tricks completely focused on VR controls.

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Let’s dive in.

Before I start, let me tell you which controllers I have been using.

I’ve primarily been using the Valve Index Controllers.

So these tips and tricks will focus on these controllers.

However, the other VR controllers will most likely be similar.

Tip number 1.

As you may know, No Man’s Sky currently has some performance issues with some VR systems.

I’ve solved that by lowering my graphics and video options.

These are my graphics settings, I’ve shown these before in my previous video and just

wanted to show it again in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Then I’ve also changed two new things in my video settings, which I didn’t show before,

but found useful too.

I changed the resolution of the game to the lowest possible settings; this does not change