How To Do Land Navigation At Basic Training | Everything You NEED To Know To Pass

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all right so I have finally made the

lane that video and how to do laying

that and basic training it's probably

gonna be a while I haven't edited

together yet but it's gonna be a while

and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have

the times for the different topics that

I'm going to talk about so if you only

want to focus on one specific area of

land nav then you can actually just skip

forward to that actual point honestly I

hope I explained this well enough for

you guys I did my very best to actually

lay things out for you guys

you know Point Blank simple for you if

you if you're struggling with lay nap

you know if you don't really know what

to do and you're in you've done this

Future Soldier training and you're a

little bit lost on that hopefully this

video can help you guys out if you're