Map and Compass (Simplified)

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Welcome to corporals corner today, we're going to talk about basic land navigation using a map and compass so stick around

Last time we talked about land navigation. We kept it simple and discussed the basics using a Suunto mc2

So I thought today why not continue that discussion and keep it simple - a quick review

I'm going through a topographical map into that equation

So here we have our basic Suunto MC to start here at the top we have our signal and sighting mirror

It can be used for hygiene purposes as well

You could take that mirror and use it to look in areas on your body that you can't normally see looking for fights

Scratches ticks, etc

Moving down we have our rotating bezel ring now on that bezel ring. We have a series of numbers

Those would be your degrees for your azimuth or bearing that we'll talk about later

Inside of our bezel ring, we have our magnetic needle and you can see how sensitive that is just from contact with this pencil

It's moving around. So that's good to go

Red means North black is south. The red will always face north

Now perpendicular to our magnetic needle we have our orienting arrow

Sometimes referred to as a doghouse or a shed. So most a put red in the shed

So all you got to do this rotate your body with your compass

Put the red end of that needle in that shed or that dog in that doghouse

Now our puzzle ring we actually have or right below it we have a glow-in-the-dark line here and here

Now I think of it back to the Future analogy this one on top up here will tell you where you're going

The bottom one will tell you where you were so that will be your very inert azmuth that would be your reverse azmuth

The bottom of our compass here we have a clear plastic base plate why it's called a base plate compass