SAFEST Way to Hand Catch DJI Mavic 2 Pro & ZOOM

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for this video I thought it would be a

good idea to go over how to safely catch

and also launch your throne by just your

hand this is great whenever you're in a

situation let's say you're on a boat or

there isn't any flat fields for his

drums safely land itself or maybe you

just want to show off with your friends

so I'm gonna go ahead and walk you

through everything to prevent you from

ending up like Ricky and glitziest yeah

you don't want to do that so right now I

have the Maverick Pro and we're gonna go

ahead and launch it off my hand how I

like to personally do it is let me see

if I could do this right here I like to

extend my hand as far away as possible

wait for my face to prevent the drones

from drifting back towards you if it

ever needs to I just fully extend your

hand and you want to just have your palm