How to do your FIRST MUN LANDING! KSP Tutorial (Science Mode)

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what is going on everyone and welcome

back to another Kerbal space program

tutorial part two of my science mode

playthrough in this episode we're gonna

be tackling the mum so hopefully by this

point you've been playing along with me

and you've just done minmus now it's

time to tackle the slightly more

desirable location of the month itself

so that's we're gonna be doing in this

episode here we are in the Vehicle

Assembly Building constructing our

rocket now as for our lambda I'm gonna

try and avoid using any DLC parts to

make this video as accessible as

possible and so for that reason going to

use the standard mark 1 cockpit

be sure to right-click it and bring it

of all its more opponents to maximize

your Delta V and we're going to attach a

heat shield to the underside of it after