How To Jump On A Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

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- Welcome to my class, today I am gonna teach you

the basics of how to jump, 'cause everyone

wants to do stunts, and everyone wants to go

massive on big jumps.

But, I'm gonna teach you the basics first.

You can learn this on any bike, but, if you like

my Scott Voltage here, it is designed

specifically for dirt jumping, so it's gonna be

super easy to learn on.

Now all those techniques can be translated to

other bikes, different-size wheels just,

it could be a little bit harder.

But first, I'm gonna teach you how to bunny hop,

'cause you're gonna need it.

So there's three techniques when it comes to the bunny hop.

That's the pop, the pull, and the push.

So it's pop with your arms, pull with your feet,

push with your arms to level out that bike

and then relax for that landing.

These three actions are the same when it comes to jumping,

but you're using that lip to assist you into the air.