Jigglypuff Rest Confirms! (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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what's up guys welcome back to another

video so I haven't really had time to

post lately but in the latest update

they actually buffed Jigglypuff which

gives some new opportunities being able

to confirm into a rest we're gonna go

over these what percent star true and

when they killed so let's get right into

it the first one is gonna be a new one

that was added and this is gonna be down

err to rest now this wasn't possible

before but they reduced the landing lag

on down air so it ends quicker when you

hit the ground I usually and put down

air and then I buffer a rest

this makes you fast fall to down air

which is good because you don't want to

hit them with that last hit because it

has extra knock back this is gonna be

true from zero until around 150 but you

shouldn't even need it if your opponent