Land and Water: Crash Course Kids #16.1

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you know when we haven't hung out with

in a while this guy

what's up son you remember that the Sun

provides the earth with energy or warmth

and you know that the Earth's surface is

made up of different types of land and

water now it would probably make sense

that these different landforms and

bodies of water would absorb or soak up

the sun's heat at different rates right

well you're right it does but which one

absorbs more of the sun's energy land or

water and more importantly why let's

start with a refresher course on the Sun

we know the Sun as the star at the

center of our eight planet solar system

that provides us with heat we also know

that heat is a kind of energy that warms

things this energy starts in the Sun's

core it travels very slowly to the Sun

surface before it takes a super speedy