Gusty Crosswind Landings - MzeroA Flight Training

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"This is Ocala tower

information Gulf, 1651 Zulu, wind at 270 at 13

Gusts 21, this will be 10." Two seven Zero

take off 36, at 13 Gusts to 21. Hey everyone

Jason here in 23 Mike Zulu with you getting ready to depart

and showing you a great crosswind take-off and crosswind landing

in gusty conditions. Afternoon Ocala tower, skyhawk

23 Mike Zulu Alpha 11 36 ready for departure.

"November 23 Mike Zulu, Ocala tower, Runway 36, clear for takeoff

make left close traffic, Wind is 280 at 18."

360 cleared for take-off left traffic 23 Mike Zulu

thank you. Alright, so change that up a little bit 280

18 now, always getting that appropriate wind check. Let's start and let's work

our way through this here together. Using every bit of runway, like you guys know I like

to do. Coming on out. Aileron in

into the wind. As you can see.

Smoothly applying some full power, and my ailerons stay

like this. Maintain directional control with the rudder

As I'm building up my air speed, and I'm babying some of that control out,

and we are up and flying.