Helicopter Guide GTAV - Helicopter Tutorial - Beginners Guide

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a guy's mother mother here how you doing

welcome to my guides me how it would be

slightly better than average at flying a

helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 5 there's

been quite a bit of discussion amongst

friends out on forums about the

difficulty level of flying a helicopter

in Grand Theft Auto 5 and I've got to

say guys it's not easy it's not easy now

there is an activity called flight

school but be honest it doesn't really

school yeah it's quite difficult to do

so there's better ways of learning

outside of the flight school so that's

the aim of this video I hope you enjoy

it buff it out alright so I guess then

the first thing something need to look

at is where to get a helicopter now the

mission I think is Three's Company but

somebody put me right if I'm wrong here

this you know how often I'm wrong but