ArmA 3 Helicopter Landings Guide 101 ► How to Land Fast! (THE J-HOOK LANDING)

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I get a lot of steam friend crusts about

50% of the people who add me asked if I

can teach them how to fly in ARMA 3 I go

on their steam page and they've got

under 300 hours Ruki numbers suffice to

say even with our Murphy's age going 7

years strong there are certainly plenty

of new players in need of flying lessons

now you've come to the right place as

this is one of the main focuses of this

very channel now if you're just getting

started with flying please have a gander

at my key bindings which I've left in

the description as the default binds are

absolute trash and also take a look at

my previous flight tutorials as those

videos go into deeper detail about the

general principles of ARMA 3 flight the

types of landings and how to do them

well today we're focusing on the j-hook

landing before we start I just like to