GTA Online | Fastest Way to Land the Hydra and Helicopters

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Hello ladies and lentlemen,

a lot of new aircraft has been introduced to GTA Online

ever since the Smuggler’s Run update.

Combined with many anti-air weapons and vehicles added later on,

many thought the Hydra was no longer the king of the skies.

That’s only true to the extent that certain jets can now beat the Hydra in dogfights.

In terms of practicality, the Hydra is still the best air craft in the game, for one obvious

For one obvious reason

and that’s the ability to do VTOL, which stands for vertical take-off and landing.

The Hydra is still the fastest way to travel mid to long distance,

and killing whatever you need killed with the lazer beam

of explosive bullets.

Now it may be a little tricky and even dangerous to land the Hydra,

but speed is key if you want to save time.

What you want to do is right before you reach your destination,

point the Hydra’s nose downwards

and press E to activate hover mode.

What this does is cancel out the original forward momentum,

and hover mode will stop the Hydra from descending.

You’ll have to decide how much you want to tilt down towards the ground

depending on how close you are to the ground.