GTA V - Doomsday Heist Act 2 Setup There's Landing Gear?

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oh my bad

ready yeah man I'll just run you do is

it like behind this I don't give it

uh-oh it's forcing us to get out oh


I don't know our plans backfiring all

right let's do this in one take so we

don't lose it I want to be the driver

oh shoot

Oh Oh she was repelled yeah oh there's

night vision oh they're everywhere

get it yeah turn that there's no see

it's this tree not black for you I got

it I got it

I'm not done armor up I don't even see

them I don't even know I forgot that was

a cake to the nut who has the mini you

see that Steven just starting it keeps

starting me off with Oh what guns are

you guys using I'm using a carbine