Apex Legends Drop Guide - How to Drop Fast and Land First!

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Don't you just hate it when your enemy lands just before you, grabs a gun you wanted and shoots you in the face?


So do I and that's why I made this video so I can show you the secret to dropping fast and hitting the ground first.

Now, of course, there are other guides on this,

but I find that every time I watch them they just don't go into enough detail.

So I've worked this out myself and I'm gonna be showing you how to choose a location,

when to drop and finally how to drop so you land first every time!

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Awesome. Thanks everyone. Let's drop right in. The first step is to decide where you are going fast. Not like this guy...

If you decide to late your enemy is already dropping and they have already beaten you there.

Now I'm not going to go too deep into where to go in this video,

I'll be making a separate video later which explains the best places to land in order to win and I'll add a link in the

description later, but for now just choose somewhere you like or

just wait for your teammates and suggest somewhere...

Okay. So once you've finally decided where to go you now need to work out when to go. The best way to do this is

to ping their location down to the exact building entrance you want to land at and if you don't know where these are

just practice and over time you'll learn them. So ping the entrance and drop when you are exactly 900 meters away.

500 meters away?

Okay, okay, so what do I do?