Can't Land Kickflips with Both Feet? | SB Skate Support

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what's up guys today I'm in bring you

the first episode to my FB skate

supports honestly I haven't gotten too

many through the Google forums I've

gotten most of these through Instagram

and I just want to state that over time

I will do the Google Forms more than the

Instagram ones just because it keeps a

little more organized because the

Instagram PM is gonna be like a huge

form of them since it's a little bit

easier to submit them

I just want to mainly do the Google form

because I have a set way where you put

video attempts in and things to do

beforehand that will make it easier for

me to go over and help you with to give

you better tips for it so if you want to

make sure that your scape support is

actually reviewed then submit it through

the Google form a link will be in the