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backflip flat tutorial to start I want

to talk about spotting so I just look at

these two clips and which one do you

think looks better

clip 1 or clip 2 well the answer is

click 2 as you see in clip 1 I throw my

head back and it results in a lower back

flip on clip 2 I kind of hesitate and

keep my eyes looking forward this is

called spotting and this helps me get my

full jump and then also get a better

rotation and also another hit that

really helped me when I was learning to

flat back flip is because I practice

them on the trampoline and I'm used to

letting go of my tuck too early is that

you kind of just want to hold your tuck

until you're straight up you'll just

kind of land and fly backwards a bit

like you see me here but this is what

it's like how long you need to hold your