GTA V - How to Land Planes

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okay what's going on guys this is Ryan

and today I'm going to show you how to

properly fly an airplane a lot of people

have been having trouble doing this and

I think that you're taking a little bit

too fast you need to slow it down a

little bit as you see there you just

find it straight away you accelerate

with your r2 or right trigger on Xbox

and then on your left stick you want to

pull back to get some air so now as you

see we're in the air and we're flying

push up your plane will actually take a

nosedive and go straight down if you

hold down on your stick you will get air

and you will accelerate higher so that's

what we're doing here we're just flying

up and down up and down just showing you

how to get used to that it's basically

inverted like anything else would be if

you hold your sticks left and right your