Land a Bottle Flip EVERY TIME! (Tips from a World Champion)

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what is up guys welcome back to the

fifth episode of tutorial Tuesdays and

today I'm going to be showing you how to

flip a bottle and land it every single

time now why should you trust me you may

be thinking well and apart from being

confident enough my bottle flipping

abilities to land it on my forehead and

juggle with it on national television I

also was the winner of the international

bottle Syndicates which is a bottle

flipping competition in Las Vegas Nevada

how great initialism by the way with the

IBS and I got first place here are some

clips from last year


and this year's competition should be

airing on ESPN - from what I've heard

that should be relatively soon actually

I have no idea but here we go here is

how to flip a bottle and land it every