How to Land 3 Hits With Green Shells - Mario Kart Tour Challenge Tips & Guide

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hey guys I'm about to do the next tour

challenge that have land three hits with

green shells in a single race using a

driver wearing her shell so obviously I

won't be using Koopa Troopa this is a

special skill street three green shells

and I'm gonna probably do Koopa Troopa

Beach because I'll get three items per

item box

so let's go so after you finish like the

first three courses

you know unlock Koopa Troopa Cup so the

first one is a Koopa Troopa Beach let me

use him doesn't matter what else is

alright someone changed my speed 250cc

so that they go a little faster actually

none let's use 100 cc because I'm gonna

move too fast I want to miss the boxes

and have trouble aiming at the opponent

so 100 CC's right