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Hi, I'm Dr. Sagar.

Today, in this video, we are discussing the Marriage Line,

in particular, the finer details of the Marriage Line.

First I will show you where to locate the Marriage Line, which we can also refer to as the Relationship Line.

We have seen the phalanx, the lower end of the little finger, and the Heart Line.

This area is where the Relationship Line, or the Marriage Line, is present.

This is divided into two equal parts.

The middle point is 30 years, approximately. It could be 28, 33, or 34 years.

It would vary, depending on the Mounts, but we can take it as approximately 30 years.

Now if there is a line (the Relationship Line) present below this mid-point indicating 30 years,

I repeat, if the Relationship Line is present below it,

the two people who are in a relationship or marriage,

the attraction between them is driven purely by emotions.

The attraction is not intellectual or mental, the two people are sentimentally attached to each other.

If the line is present in this area, it indicates that the person is sentimentally attracted. It's not a thorough or strong attraction.

It's only sentiments, or only a physical attraction, the physical appearance that attracts two persons...

If the Marriage Line or Relationship Line is present at this point indicating age as approximate 30 years,

then the two people in question

are attracted to each other due to intellectual reasons such as mentality, behaviour, and common interests, the two people are attracted due to these things...

so chances of stability are more in this case than here, where people are attracted to each other mainly due to physical appearance,

which is superficial, we can say,