How to Check Your Internet SPEED

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Hey everyone in this video

I wanted to show you how you could check your internet speed using these three different tools that I use to check my internet speed

I'll show you my favorite one and I'll show you to backup options, and I have xfinity comcast internet xfinity


Writing at five megabits per second, and it should be closer to 75

That's the Xfinity speed that I have my plan here at home and usually with Xfinity you get somewhere between 50 to

100 with AT&T you'll get closer to 5 to 20 depending on which plan you have and different service providers

Obviously have different speed in city of Chicago for example

You could get business speeds that are up to a thousand so if you don't know what your speed should be most likely

It's gonna be higher than this five is really low unless you have dsl

Meaning you have the phone connection and you have AT&T through the phone line that might be

Ok for a phone line connection, but for me. There's obviously something wrong

75 should be the speed that I should be getting here

So if you get a slow speed like this you could also do another test

This is the Xfinity test and this is the Google test if you just Google test internet speed

But the Google test sometimes seems to be unreliable for me right now. It's showing


Which is way faster than my internet is right now obviously?

There's an issue so this is why I use this one first

And then I go down the line to see if the other ones are matching

But this one seems to be the most accurate now if you get a slow