The Beginner's Guide to Excel - Excel Basics Tutorial

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Welcome to this excel basics video tutorial in this tutorial

I'll be showing you most of the basics that you need to know in order to get started using Microsoft excel and

The version of excel that I'm going to be using in this tutorial is excel 2016

[for] Windows having said that if you're using a different version of excel

Maybe an older version or even a newer version or if you use excel on a mac there will be some slight differences

But for the most part I would say 95% of what I show in this tutorial will [be] very applicable to

You and your usage of excel

So I simply [clicked] the icon here to get started using excel and excel now would like me to make a choice

[it] wants to know if I would like to open up an excel template or simply open a blank workbook

[you] can see that there [are] lots of templates to choose from

This is [a] welcome to excel tour and it's a good way to kind of learn some of the basics of excel

But that's why you're watching my video, so I'm going to skip that one there's a cash flow analysis. There's email insights stock symbols

There's a sales invoice. There's a budget in here. Here it is: a family budget

There's all sorts of great excel spreadsheets that you can just open up and start changing the data start using it that way

So I would encourage you [to] browse and explore these

Templates that are [available] to you in addition to the 30 or so templates that you have here there is an option to search

Online templates, so I'm going to do a search for budget and you can see it comes up with even more

Budgets, you're not limited just to the one family budget

there's a whole bunch that you can choose from [over] here on the right there's

categories that you can sift through and you can select the specific kind of budget or

spreadsheet template that you would like to use if you find one that you do want to use you can just click on it and